Keya Nyame-Aje
Em(I'M)Powering Women to manafest Generational Well-th & Live a Well-thy life!


Greetings Divine Manafestors & Welcome!  I AM a Spiritual Wellness Life Coach.  My mission is to help others, primarily women and girls, to heal their inner traumas and live their most abundant and fulfilled lives.  Sometimes along life's journey, we simply can not manage the baggage that we carry alone.. that's where I come in.  I AM here to guide you to becoming the best and highest version of yourself.  

I incorporate an array of holistic healing modalities such as Life Coaching, Spiritual Advisory Intuitive Readings, Reiki, Meditation, Sound Therapy and so much more!

I have acquired an extensive degree of certifications and as of the date of this entry, I am in the process of finalizing my Ph.D. to become a Doctor of Natural Medicine.  

Here at Mana Holistics Spiritual Wellness, we focus on Mind-Body Wellness.  This means we work to heal the Mind, Body, and all in between.  We seek to help you become aligned completely, whole-listically, and not just partially.  

With over 20 years of consistent dedication to my CHOSEN purpose, I AM most certain that whatever the problem, Keya has a GIFT  and/or an educational background that can help you with that!

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MaNa Holistics is a spiritual health & wellness practice that assists you in reaching your spiritual & holistic health & wellness goals. MaNa Holistics guides you to your highest state of healing in the areas of; mind, body, and spirit.  

After the passing of her grandmother from cancer, Keya was ignited with a passion like none other to assist others in living a healthier life.  In 2016, Keya obtained her initial certification as a Health and Wellness Coach. From there, her passion grew with unbelievable intensity.  Keya then began delving into other healing modalities including; Energy Healing, Spiritual Transformation & Emotional Healing, Life, Self Love & Empowerment Coaching, Reiki Healing & Teaching, Inspirational & Motivational Speaking, Spiritual Teaching, Meditation Teacher and Practitioner, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Healing Retreat Facilitation & Healing Events Hosting, Her infamous Queen's Healing Staycations (TM), Vibrational Sound Therapy & Sound Inner-gy Healing and Meditation.

There are, however, some things you simply CAN NOT teach. Keya was born as an intuitive-sensitive, perceiving innergy all of her life. Being very sensitive, she was often aware of how others were feeling or thinking (even if they didn't know it themselves) and somehow just 'knew' things about people.  Keya has spent many years deepening her gift and studying under highly trained intuitive guides and elders.  Keya's intuitive (or psychic as most call them) abilities are astounding and one simply can not place her gifts into words as they must be experienced to fully grasp her capabilities.  Keya is a gifted healer, medium, and intuitive well known for her accuracy and compassionate delivery.  She is well sought after for her spiritual abilities by everyone from parents for their children to celebrities you likely watch on television every day.  She is highly respected among the spiritual community and values every bit of it.  Keya is also blessed with the gift of sound healing where she combines her spiritual gifts with her gift of sound to provide amplified sound healing and sound therapy to help move stagnant energy and cleanse and rebalance energy centers.   

 Having psychic abilities means having the ability to raise your personal vibrational frequencies in order to connect with information; To advise from the spirit realm to assist and guide clients on how to achieve a deeper level of understanding of life and its challenges.    Psychics have the ability to connect to the energy and information in the non-physical realm to interpret what has and is in the process of manafesting.  During a reading, Keya connects with your (and her) angels and spirit guides, Ancestors, and your vibration ( that is emitted through your inner-gy and voice) to deliver a reading that spiritually directs you along your specific path. 







From the aspect of channeled healing, at a very young age, Keya noticed that if there was pain or an ache in her body or in the body of others, she could simply touch the area and alleviate the pain.  She was taught by her grandfather as a teen how to channel this inner-gy and as an adult, she became certified as a Grand Master of Usui Reiki and Kemetic Reiki Master.  This is simply where she channels Reiki (healing) inner-gy through the body, out of her hands. Again, she is highly sought after for both her in-person and distance reiki healing. She has helped hundreds on their healing journey through this method and is honored to be one with this healing inner-gy modality.  It was revealed to Keya by High Priest and High Priestess that she "sees" and heals in all 144 dimensions.  She has been a healer or singer/writer in every lifetime and if The Most High wills, she will continue to guide others in their healing every chance she gets!



** A FUN FACT ** Keya's maternal grandmother was a gifted psychic and singer and her paternal grandmother was a gifted healer, primarily through the inner-gy healing modality of the "laying of hands" (what many now know as "REIKI")

The name MaNa Holistics was given to Keya by Source.  Keya soon realized this name was given for a reason.  MaNa means a generalized, supernatural force or power, concentrated in objects or persons. Holistic, which means characterized by the treatment of the whole person. MaNa Holistics is a conduit & channel-er of supernatural healing power to assist in healing the whole person. Mind, Body & Spirit. Positive energies are the foundation and support of obtaining your new lifestyle.

With compassionate coaching from Keya, you will reach your goals!  Keya infuses her knowledge and experience with her intuitive gifts to provide coaching and guidance like no other!  With MaNa Holistics you will become your greatest and most amazing self! 


Let's get you started on your journey TODAY!