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                                 Keya Nyame-Aje'

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Womb Healing Gatlinburg, TN

IN Person Quantum Reiki Gatlinburg, TN

Sound Healing Gatlinburg, TN

Group Meditation Gatlinburg, TN

Sound Healing, Washington, DC

Private Energy Healing Sessions, Ellicott CIty, MD

Private Weekend Healing Retreat, Myrtle Beach, SC

Private Healing Day Retreat, Washington, DC

Private Healing Sessions, Elicott City, MD

Private In-Home, Home & Family Energy Clearing, Las Vegas, NV

To book Keya to speak or facilitate your next event or retreat, please get in touch. 
Keya utilizes holistic modalities to help assist in guided healing.  Keya incorporates her intuitive & psychic abilities, and inspirational speaking on topics such as; setting & implementing boundaries, stress management, self-love/empowerment, and how to turn your pain into power.  She also adds Quantum Innergy healing, Vibrational Sound Healing, Meditation, and Spiritual Wellness Coaching and healing sessions, which is sure to have a powerful effect on your attendees.  Your guests are sure to have an experience that will change their lives and allow them to walk away from the experience so much better.  

BOOK ME for your next LIVE event:

-Networking Event
-TV/Media Spot
-Girl's Party
-Family Mediation/Healing

BOOK ME for your next ONLINE event:

-Speaker Series

BOOK ME to facilitate your next LIVE & ONLINE Event:
-Healing Ceremonies
-Vibrational Sound Therapy
-Meditation Sessions

-Group Intuitive Readings
-Innergy Healing Sessions
-Round Table Event
-Sister Healing Circles
-Corporate Wellness Event
-Birthday Dance Parties

Contact us to begin a beautiful partnership of healing.

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