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Private Zoom Session

7 Chakras Inner-gy Healing

For 7 nights, we will focus on clearing and healing the inner-gy of each of the 7 major chakras. Focusing on One chakra each night.

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7 Chakras Inner-gy Healing
7 Chakras Inner-gy Healing

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Private Zoom Session


About the Event

Hello Beloved Souls!  My name is Keya Nyame-Aje', I am a Healer, Psychic/Medium and Life Guide.  As it pertains to this healing series, My qualification as a Reiki GrandMaster/Teacher and psychic healer will assist me in assisting you in your personal healing.  I am a born Healer & Psychic/Medium with 38 years of gifting and 20+ years of actively operating in my gifts.  I am passionate about serviving by way of my gifts and tutelage and I look forward to being of service to you! 

**If you are experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms below and would like to join in on our balancing sessions for your inner-gy then please join us!! Please take notice to how amazing you will feel upon completion of the 7 part inner-gy healing series!!** 

**You have the option to tune in LIVE each night or you can simply sign up and your name and inner-gy will be included in the sessions each night whether you are physically in attendance or not.  Healing inner-gy is not bound by space or time, so you will receive the same type of healing as if you were physically right in front of me.  

Though there are 100s of chakras within the body, there are 7 major chakras within the human body.  A chakra is a spiritual energy center within the body.  Each chakra corresponds to specific organs within the body, as well as the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and mental states of being.  These energy centers influence all areas of our lives.  When clear and balanced, they help us thrive.  When blocked and imbalanced.  We are held back in our lives.  

Each night we will focus on clearing, healing and unblocking one chakra center.  We will begin with the first chakra and end with the 7th chakra.  The chakras and their respective locations are as follows:

*Root Chakra - The first chakra.  Represented by the color red. Located at the base of the spine.  When balanced this chakra helps us feel secure, stable and supported.  When this chakra is unbalanced or blocked we may feel anxious,have nightmares, feel fearful and unsafe, afraid and worrisome.  Imbalance shows up in the physical body as issues with the bladder, lower legs and feet or with the colon.    

*Sacral Chakra - The second chakra.  Represented by the color orange.  Located above the pubic bone and below the belly button.  When balanced this chakra helps us to feel friendly, joyful, abundant, passionate and filled with wellness.  When this chakra is unbalanced or blocked, we may feel uninspired, have issues with sexual disfunction, have addicted behaviors, feel depressed or have a deep fear of change.  

*Solar Plexus Chakra - The third chakra.  Represented by the color yellow.  Located near the ribcage.  When balanced this chakra helps us with self esteem, will power, personal power, consistency, commitment and self  empowerment.  When this chakra is unbalanced or blocked you may have issues with low self esteem, difficulty making decisions in your life, issues with anger and/or control and in general, just thinking and feeling bad about yourself.  You may deal with procrastination and are easily taken advantage of.  In terms of physical ailments, you may notice issues with your stomach such as; irritable bowel syndrome, digestive issues, flatulance, and/or metobolic issues.  

*Heart Chakra - The fourth chakra.  Represented by the color green.  Located in the center of your heart.  When balanced this chakra helps us with self love, loving others, forgiveness, companionship and good vibes.  When this chakra is unblanaced or blocked, you may have issues with anger, jealousy, fear, lack of self love, issues staying committed in relationships, hatred of self and/or others, holding grudges or harboring feeligns of hurt and/or negative feelings.  In terms of how this imbalance may show up in your life, you may have opportunities that seem to always slip through your grasp.  

*Throat Chakra - The fifth chakra - Represented by the color turquoise or light blue.  Located in the throat.  When balanced you feel confident in speaking your inner truth, are great with communicating, This chakra mana-fests in a more spiritual way vs in physical ways, such as the lower or first three chakras.  When blocked you will have issues speaking up for yourself or find yourself lying instead of being honest.  You will struggle with issues of lacking focus or fear of having others judge you.  Physically this blockage will likely mana-fest itself in the form of sore throats, thyroid issues, neck and/or shoulder issues or tension headaches.  

*Third Eye Chakra - The sixth chakra - Represented by the color purple.  Located in the center of the eyebrows.  When balanced this chakra aids in intuition and helps you to see beyond any illusions and instinctively see the truth in situations.  When this chakra is blocked you may have issues trusting your intuition or inner voice, learning new skills, remembering important facts or being more judgemental, dismissive or extremely introverted.  When the third eye is blocked, it may mana-fest itself as anxiety, depression, judgemental behavior, headaches, dizziness or brain-health issues.  

*Crown Chakra - The seventh chakra - Represented by the color violet.  Located at the crown of the head.  When balanced this chakra connects us to the spirt realm.  We have a connection to our higher selves and feel aligned and balanced in our lives.  When unbalanced or blocked you may have emotional distress, disconnected from the world and others.  


  • 7 Chakras Inner-gy Healing

    General Admission Ticket

  • (1)Additional Inner-gy Healing

    If you want me to perform individual healing for another area in your life (finances, specific health ailment, upcoming events, etc.) You would choose this ticket option. ONLY 1 AREA IS INCLUDED WITH THIS TICKET

  • Unlimited Additional Healing

    This ticket includes the 7 Chakra Healing Series + Unlimited additional requests for inner-gy healing




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