Host a Party!!

Looking for a fun girl's night??  Host a private Psychic Party & Innergy Clearing in your home.  

Group Reading Party - Keya comes to your home.  Your family/friends will sit together in the reading for 2 hours.  There will be psychic messages for guidance, clarity and mediumship messages from deceased loved ones that will come through at this time.  

Though everyone is together, I will read for individuals as messages come through.  

Week night home party is a flat rate of $600 for up to 10 people.  If over 10 people, an adl. $60 per person is added to your investment price.

Weekend Party (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) is a flat rate of $800 for up to 10 people.  If over 10 people, an adl. $80 per person is added to your investment price.

The above pricing is for locations within 30 miles of Atlanta, GA.  For further distance there is a non-refundable $200 fee required at the time of booking.  We will discuss pricing based on your location, at the time of inquiry.  The deposit will go towards the final payment.  

All payments are due prior to the event and the exact deadline will be enclosed in the booking contract.  

Click here to contact Keya for available dates to book your party.

I look forward to hearling from you soon!

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