MaNa Holistics Health & Wellness presents: 

March MaNaFest

1 March - 31 March 

Spring Reboot of The Mind, Body & Spirit!

With the change of each new season, it is always a great idea to perform a detox to rid your body's system of the toxins from the previous season.  During the Spring season we are mindful to do a Spring cleaning of our homes, but how many of us think to do a "Spring Cleaning" of our physical and spiritual homes (bodies)  

Performing a detox or a reboot is significant in so many ways.  For example, 

*Remove Toxins

*Revitalize Energy

*Reboot Your Metabolism

*Lose Weight

*Feel Amazing!

If you believe you could benefit from a successful detox, Then join us for our March MaNaFest!

Included in our 31 Day Detox:

*31 Days of Detailed Juice, Smoothie and Raw Food Recipes

*Daily Spiritual and Physical Activities to optimize your daily and overall detox impact

*Tips to successfully detox and gain the most success from your detox

*2x/week Check in

*Group support & accountability

*Pre-Detox Online Meetup

*Contestant with greatest weight loss wins prizes

        (First place: $100, 1 month health coaching, 1 PH Alkaline Drops, 1 healing bracelets)

        (Second place: $50, 2 week vegan meal plan, 1 healing bracelet)

        (Third place: $25, 1 week vegan meal plan, 1 healing bracelet)

Health is true wealth, May we all be rich forever!  

Please email us with any questions or concerns. 


I look forward to an amazing detox and Manafesting amazing health and physical and spiritual wellness!