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Please have a full understanding of what you are purchasing before making your purchase.

This is a 1 Hour Quantum Reiki Healing Session for children ONLY (currently aged from birth to 17 years)

THIS IS NOT A SESSION FOR CURRENT ADULTS WANTING TO HEAL INNER CHILD ISSUES. Please indicate the name of the child that you are booking for and their *current* age.


This is the purchase of a 30-minute Quantum Reiki Innergy Healing Session.  


This session allows me to perform a 30-minute Quantum Reiki Innergy Healing Session virtually. This permits me to connect with the client's innergy to channel Quantum Reiki to them and upon completion, I will email them a write-up from the session with any guidance messages on how to maintain and/or further their innergy's natural healing ability.


*Client does not speak with me personally for this chosen session.  If you wish to have a LIVE Quantum Reiki Innergy Healing Session, Please go to "BOOK HERE" to book your session which will be held via ZOOM (or another video calling channel) and will allow you to choose your preferred date and time for your session.*


A few ideas of what we can focus on during your session:


*CHAKRA HEALING REIKI (Reiki healing for major and minor chakras)

*AURA CLEANSING REIKI (Reiki to cleanse your aura & innergy fields)

*INNERGY PROTECTION REIKI (Reiki to protect you from hurt, harm, and danger)

*GENERAL REIKI (Reiki healing for overall healing that does not fall into the other categories)

*CHILDHOOD TRAUMA (Reiki to help you heal on a subconscious level from childhood traumas)

*SELF-LOVE REIKI (Reiki to help you to heal your self-love issues)

*CUSTOMIZED REIKI SESSION (Tell me what you need healing for and I will customize a healing session for you)


**Please keep in mind that reiki healing is of pure love and light and does not have the capacity to bring harm to anyone. As a Reiki Practitioner, I uphold the ethical laws and practices of this beautiful healing art. I will never use this healing innergy for harm.


Quantum Reiki is the most advanced and powerful form of innergy healing available today. It’s a high-frequency innergy healing that dives deep into the subconscious mind. It is especially beneficial for those healing from trauma, anxiety, and repressed emotions, and finding their intuition. Quantum Reiki is the most potent and advanced style of Reiki to date, because it uses the core of all Reiki healing innergies in one channel, unlike traditional Reiki, which uses different channels and attunements for each Reiki symbol, thus dividing the innergy channels, instead of combining them to channel more effectiveness in one session. Not only does this allow a deeper level of healing, it does not require you to have as many sessions to maintain your healing for an extended period of time.


Most clients feel drastic shifts after only one session with Reiki GrandMaster Keya!


Disclaimer: Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Reiki practitioners are not currently licensed in the US. I understand that Keya is not a licensed physician and is not to be held liable in any way. Reiki is to be used in conjunction with your medical practice. Please do not substitute reiki for professional medical treatment.

(For Children ONLY) 1 Hour Distance Quantum Reiki Healing

  • Keya will send you a calendar invite through google calendar to confirm the date and time of your session.  Please accept this invite upon receiving it.  

    This is a distance session meaning there will be no Zoom or phone meeting for this session.  If you prefer to meet via Zoom, please book a LIVE distance quantum healing session. 

    If you are able to be in a quiet place for the duration of the session this is preferred, but not required.  You will receive an email from Keya once your session is complete. 

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