Our Abundance & Prosperity Oil was created with the intent to attract Good Fortune to you. This oil can be used to attract money, luck, love, opportunities, & much more.  Each batch is custom made to order and is attuned to the individual needs of the buyer. 

Made with therapeutic grade A essential oils, organic grapeseed, coconut, & olive oil base, infused with healing Reiki Innergy, sound therapy & crystals known for their abundance and prosperity properties. This oil will make you feel blessed for sure, but it’s all about YOUR intentions!

Be open To receive with this magical abundance and prosperity oil. 

How to use: You can anoint yourself. You can rub down your work environment with this oil. Put a couple drops on your business cards or dab some on the cash in your wallet or your wallet itself. You can also place it down your front door to draw in abundant innergy. Draw a $ symbol in your palm, rub them together while meditating as well. Fill out your abundance check and carry it in your wallet or place it on your altar. Carry your crystal or place it in a wire cage and wear it as a necklace. 

*Please note: oils take 3 - 5 days to create BEFORE shipping*

Abundance Oil Kit


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