What is Ancestors Money?? 

Use joss paper/Ancestor Money to send family members money and material goods in the afterlife. It's common to see joss paper used at funerals, on ancestor birthdays and during important holidays. You can also use ancestor money every day as a part of a ritual or honoring ceremony. 

The most traditional types of joss paper is spirit money designed to resemble legal tender currency.  It is believed that a joss paper offering is conveyed into the spirit world. In today's modern world, caring for ancestors in the afterlife is a poignant way to pay respect for one's elders and departed family members as well as to heal generational debt. 

Please note: Joss paper money is not legal tender currency issued by any bank or government institution and holds no cash value.

**Simply use by saying a prayer to your ancestors of love and light. Then in a fire proof bowl, burn the ancestor money as an offering and visualize your ancestor receiving the innergy from this currency.**

You may also burn as an offering to The Universe as an innergy exchange for your desires in this physical world. 

Burn on your altar daily or as often as your spirit leads you to. 

Ancestor Money will be intuitively selected and receive a personalized blessing ceremony at time of purchase.

Anointed Ancestor Money


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