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A great form to provide assistance during your reiki healing sessions.  This is also a great way to help you navigate self reiki healing sessions as well. 


Reiki symbols are listed on the side in the order needed to sandwich the symbols for a more powerful healing session.  If you can not remember how to draw the symbols, they are listed with the appropriate names to help you visualize and or beam the symbols into your hands or into your client's energy field.  


Keep track of your sessions with a space to write the client's name and the date of the session.  Use the lines by each chakra to notate if they are balanced, imbalanced, opened, clear, blocked, etc.  


Once you download the printable you can save it to your device to download as many times as you need to for lifetime use.  


Utilize your pendulum to check the energy of each chakra by hovering your pendulum over each chakra.  


Can be used along with crystals, pendulums, reiki wands, or with your reiki healing energy alone.

Available to immediately download as a PDF file.


Enjoy 🖤


Distance Reiki Session Notes Printable

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