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​​​​​​Handmade with love for love.

**If you are purchasing from someone other than yourself. Please indicate their full name in the notes at checkout. This is non negotiable.**

**There is a 5 - 7 business day creation process, BEFORE your item is shipped. EACH bottle is made to order. Please do not purchase if this is too long for you to wait, because I will not rush the creative process. **



Love Potion with Sacral, Heart, and Aura Quantum Healing, and A custom Essential Oil blend for LoveI have created our Love Potion #13 to help you turn heads and ignite passion in your life. This sensual fragrance will bring gratifying delight day or night! With our blend of oils and quantum innergy healing, you can set the mood whether for taking to a new level of heat or for connecting to your special someone as well as instilling confidence and trust.

Uses of your Love Potion #13:

* Seduction* Attraction

* Romance

* Kindle (or rekindle) Passion

* Attract a Soul Mate

* Open your Heart* Anoint pulse points

* Draw Sexual Energy


* Made Fresh

* Enticing Fragrance

* Long Lasting

* Skin Safe

* Crafted at Mana Holistics Spiritual Wellness, by Quantum Healer Keya Nyame-Aje'

* Blended with oils and Quantum Reiki Healing for your heart, sacral and root chakras to enhance your personal pheromones of Attraction, Love, Romance, and Passion to bring gratifying delight day or night!

* Top Notes of Bergamot with notes of Jasmine, Lavender, and Rose Perfect for social situations as well as more intimate moments.

* Not only for intimate moments but is created to help you in building confidence and trust in social situations.

* Made in the USA.

Please Note: Lightly shake or roll on to palms to mix your pheromone before using. We prefer the 'rolling in palm' method as we are adding our warmth and innergy to the oils.

Love Potion No. 13

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