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Upon completion of a reiki training, you will undergo what is called a Reiki Attunement.  During this Reiki ritual your innergy emotional, and mental bodies, chakras,  innergy meridians, and your aura all get a boost, a clearing, and healing. Reiki requires your body to be at its highest vibration when you are connected to the Divine Healing Innergy of Reiki, so the reiki innergy joins with your innergy and the two together amplify and raises your vibration to emit this powerful healing innergy.


This attunement process is very healing to you on all levels and will also clear any blockages that could be keeping you from reaching your full potential. This is one reason people see/feel detoxifying processes for 30 or more days after a Reiki Attunement because it’s deeply healing.


This tune-up is for a reiki practitioner who feels they need an innergy boost or to clear blockages and stagnation to allow your healing innergy to flow more intensely.   If you feel your reiki innergy could use a boost or if you need to clear any blockages that may be standing in the way of you feeling empowered as a Reiki Healer.  Sometimes you may feel a bit "disconnected" from the Reiki Healing Innergy, this tune-up would be for you.  


A Reiki Master is the quickest and easiest way to receive a Reiki Attunement. A Reiki Master is someone who devotes themselves to attaining and maintaining a very high frequency of innergy. They have been through all of the training, attunements, and Reiki practice to get them to the level of a Reiki Master/Teacher.  A Master’s connection to the Universal flow of energy is high enough that he or she can create a stronger connection between you and the Universal flow.


This is a tune-up session only and does not include reiki practitioner training.  

Reiki Attunement (Certified Reiki Practitioners Only)

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