Our protection bracelets are custom made for children as well.  As the school year is approaching, we are shielding and protecting the young Kings & Queens while on their journey to and from everyday. 

This bracelet is our black obsidian, black onyx, zebra jasper and hamsa hand bracelet for overall protection and shielding.

Healing energies are infused based on your spiritual needs.  Each bracelet is custom made and tailored to the individual that is placing the order or who the bracelet is being prepared for.  A spiritual ritual is held for EACH bracelet individually as not to intertwine the energies of each individual bracelet.  Healing energies are infused via reiki ( spiritual or supernatural vital energy ) healing.  
Every healing bracelet is handmade with love and care and will leave its wearer feeling the healing and protective energies at all times.  It typically takes 1.5 to 2 hours to create each one. I have a sacred ceremony for each peace that I create.  I tap into higher energy source to see what your spiritual needs are, I then place those healing energies into each peace via crystal reiki healing, reiki healing and with sound therapy. My environment is saged and cleansed prior to and while creating.

432hz frequencies are used to create added healing and balance to every peace and finally I add a special oil blend that I've created to bless the beads with added protective energies.

(Child) Snowflake Obsidian Protection Bracelet


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