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30 Minute *Phone* Reading Session

This is a 30 Minute *Phone* Reading Session

  • 30 minutes
  • 66.66 US dollars
  • Phone

Service Description

In this session, I utilize my psychic and spiritual gifts to access deep levels of information and insight about the areas of your life that are in question (Relationships, Inner Traumas, Mental/Emotional Wellness, Health, Money, Career, Home, etc.) I am able to provide insight about past, present and future. Whether it is clarity or guidance, My psychic readings help you with great understanding on your journey. There are no limit on questions asked during this session and there is no information needed beforehand. ***I will call the number listed on your booking. I am also calling from a private number, please ensure your phone is set to accept calls from private numbers.*** I am required by law to say that these readings are for entertainment purposes only and I do not make any promises about any information that I share with you. Please use sound judgement when making any decisions. Neither Mana Holistics Spiritual Wellness, LLC nor Keya Nyame-Aje' will be held liable for any decisions you choose to make as a result of services provided to you.

Cancellation Policy

Do not book a session for another individual. This will result in cancelation and a refund minus a $50 inconvenience fee. Everyone must book for themselves and agree to the terms and conditions. This is non negotiable. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I deem not a good fit for servicing. If you have an emergency and need to reschedule please contact me 24 hours before your session time. ( There is a 5 -minute grace period allowed if you are running behind. This is a part of your session time, not in addition to it. If you are a no-show after 5 minutes into your session time, you will have the option to reschedule (unless you've been a no-show three times, at which you will be denied access to booking future sessions.) There is a $40 rescheduling fee. You will emailed an invoice for this amount and upon receiving your paid invoice, you will be given available times for rescheduling. **If you are a NO-SHOW for video sessions or do not answer when I call you for phone sessions, there are no refunds issued to you.** PLEASE NOTE: All phone readings are made from a private number. Please ensure your phone is not on auto reject during the scheduled time of our session. I will only attempt to call you (3) times. I operate on outbound servicing only, meaning you will not be able to call me for our session, you must answer when I call you. *Before Booking* Please thoroughly read the description of the service that you are booking. Ensure that you have a full understanding of what you are booking. Your misunderstanding does not hold me liable and I will not issue any refunds.*

Contact Details


PO Box 42622 Towson, MD 21284 Maryland, USA

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