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Womb Healing/Female Innergy Balancing

This is a LIVE Womb Healing Quantum Reiki Session via Zoom.

  • 1 hour
  • 144.44 US dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

This powerful Womb Healing / Female Innergy Balancing Session focuses on restoring the balance within the female innergies. This session helps to clear out trauma, release old pains, and clear innergy from past intimate and romantic partners. We work to clear out this innergy to help make the womb innergy harmonious for creating a life for those that are seeking fertility to become pregnant. Our womb needs to be able to breathe life, in order to create and house it. This reiki session clears and opens our womb to do just that. We inherit blockages and traumas, not only from our own experiences but also from our mothers and generations before her. Therefore, we notice blockages in our relationships, in our abilities to manafest and create, and in our ability to maintain stability in our lives.   The benefits of Female Innergy Balancing: ~Rebalance Menstrual Cycle ~Remove Blockages with Sexual Innergy ~Heal Trauma From Abuse ~Heal Trauma From Past Break-Ups ~Healing Wounds Inherited From Mothers & Ancestral Mothers ~Heal trauma from maternal & paternal innergy transference and SO MUCH MORE!! The benefits of Womb Healing ~Clear trauma from molestation & rape ~Clear Innergy From Past Miscarriages ~Clearing Deep Rooted Trauma Of Abuse ~Clearing Shame, Guilt, Self Hatred From Past Abuse or Decisions ~Opens The Innergy To Receive & Conceive ~Connecting With The Soul Innergy Of The Child & Calling Them Forth Into Your Womb ~Restored Self Love & Excitement For Motherhood ~Feeling Confident & Capable of Mothering ~Clearing The Pathway To Create More Abundance In Your Life and SO MUCH MORE!! **Please have headphones/earphones ready for this session. Find a comfortable place where you are able to sit upright or lie down and not be disturbed for the duration of the healing. The more relaxed and open you are, the more powerful your results will be because you are allowing light to connect with your innergy.** **This session is done ONLINE via ZOOM video call.  When you click on Book Your Session, You will then be given a private link to connect to me via Zoom once payment is received. Please bookmark this information in order to attend your session without interruption.** DISCLAIMER - I am required by law to say that I am no medical doctor. I do not diagnose, promise to cure, or treat in any way. All sessions are simply meant to be taken as guidance. I am not responsible for any choices or decisions you make as a result of working with me.

Cancellation Policy

Do not book a session for another individual. This will result in cancelation and a refund minus a $50 inconvenience fee. Everyone must book for themselves and agree to the terms and conditions. This is non negotiable. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I deem not a good fit for servicing. If you have an emergency and need to reschedule please contact me 24 hours before your session time. ( There is a 5 -minute grace period allowed if you are running behind. This is a part of your session time, not in addition to it. If you are a no-show after 5 minutes into your session time, you will have the option to reschedule (unless you've been a no-show three times, at which you will be denied access to booking future sessions.) There is a $40 rescheduling fee. You will emailed an invoice for this amount and upon receiving your paid invoice, you will be given available times for rescheduling. **If you are a NO-SHOW for video sessions or do not answer when I call you for phone sessions, there are no refunds issued to you.** PLEASE NOTE: All phone readings are made from a private number. Please ensure your phone is not on auto reject during the scheduled time of our session. I will only attempt to call you (3) times. I operate on outbound servicing only, meaning you will not be able to call me for our session, you must answer when I call you. *Before Booking* Please thoroughly read the description of the service that you are booking. Ensure that you have a full understanding of what you are booking. Your misunderstanding does not hold me liable and I will not issue any refunds.*

Contact Details


PO Box 42622 Towson, MD 21284 Maryland, USA

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