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Service Descriptions

This page provides information about the services that I provide and their description.  Please refer here to gain a better understanding of which service to book if you are unsure.  


Phone & Video Sessions

*This is a 30-minute or 1-hour phone or video reading. This includes psychic, tarot, and other forms of divination to give you answers, insight, and or foresight to any questions that you may have.  Please Note that I am a Medium, which means I have the ability to communicate with your loved ones that have passed on.  However, I do reserve the right to deny any request that my spirit does not feel comfortable reading.  This is not personal, this is simply a choice based on how my Spirit Guides advise me for my protection.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.  


Spiritual Wellness Life Coaching

*Spiritual Wellness Life Coaching - Spiritual life coaching sessions are private and one-on-one sessions held online via Zoom. In spiritual wellness life coaching sessions, I will help you determine your goals and challenges, look at where you are and where you want to be, and work to uncover anything that is holding you back from achieving your dreams. We tackle all life issues and can be seen as a counseling/therapy session of sorts. Also, at any time we both decide it is necessary, you may include other services in this session. For example, if we are coaching you through healing after a miscarriage, we will also include a womb healing session in your coaching package if you'd like. If you are interested in learning tarot, reiki, or how to meditate, we will center your Spiritual Wellness life coaching around these modalities.  Every session is custom to your needs and desires.  If you need me to walk with you on a more consistent basis and have access to reach out to me in between sessions, then this is for you.  

Coaching package options are:

(2) 30-minute sessions per month via phone or zoom.

(2) 1-hour sessions per month via phone or zoom.

(4) 1-hour sessions per month via phone or zoom.

We will meet on the same day of the week at the same time for every session.  You will use the same zoom link that you receive when you book the session to log in until you discontinue your coaching sessions.  Every coaching client receives a private contact number to reach me personally as it pertains to our coach/client relationship.  Upon ending your coaching sessions with me, please refrain from using this number.


Womb Healing / Female Innergy Balancing

*Womb Healing - This powerful Womb Healing / Female Innergy Balancing Session focuses on restoring the balance within the female innergies. This session helps to clear out trauma, release old pains, and clear innergy from past intimate and romantic partners. We work to clear out this innergy to help make the womb innergy harmonious for creating a life for those that are seeking fertility to become pregnant. Our womb needs to be able to breathe life, in order to create and house it. This reiki session clears and opens our womb to do just that.


Reiki Reattunement (Reiki Practitioner Tune-Up)

This service is specific ONLY to anyone that has already been certified and attuned to Reiki and would like to get a re-attunement by me.  This service is offered to a practitioner who feels disconnected from their healing gift of reiki.  If you feel unmotivated with reiki, feel like your reiki innergy levels are low, want to boost your reiki healing ability, want to feel more empowered in your reiki gifts and get reconnected with your reiki healing power, or just simply to get a "tune-up"  If you think in terms of a car, you get a tune-up to ensure it runs smoothly, the same goes for this service and your ability to heal others through reiki.

This is not a reiki certification**

If you'd like to get certified as a Reiki Practitioner with me, then please click here


Distance Quantum Reiki Healing Sessions

Distance Reiki Healing Sessions are a technique that uses intelligent life force innergy to channel healing innergy to you and to awaken your body's natural ability to heal itself.  These sessions are done innergetically, meaning I only need to connect with your innergy by identifying you and I am then able to tap into your innergy.  This innergy tap in is similar to that of call waiting.   Me calling your name, feeling your innergy and operating in the proper steps to tap into the reiki innergy allows me to dial into your innergy system to send you healing innergy.  Reiki is ONLY healing and can never transmit bad innergy to you or me.  I do not send you my innergy, I channel the reiki innergy through myself to you.  If you'd like to book a live session via zoom instead, please contact me here to do so


Monthly Tarot Readings

4, 6, & 12 month tarot readings are performed and emailed to you upon completion.  I channel what you need to know most about the upcoming months and send that to you in a report for your records.  Please read each service before purchasing to be clear on the timeframe for which your reading is completed.  

Let's Work Together

I Am so honored and excited to be of service!  If you are new family, WELCOME!  If you are returning FAMILY, Hey Y'all!!

Please head over to Book or Purchase your next service.  I Am grateful you chose me!  See you soon! 

-Your Spiritual GodMother,

Keya Nyame-Aje'

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