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How To Shield Your Energetic Field From Energy Vampires

An energy vampire feeds off of the energies of those around them. Some energy vampires may not even realize they are vampires, while others intentionally suck the energy right out of everyone around them. Energy vampires feed off of others' energy as a survival mechanism. For these vampires, stealing your energy may be therapeutic for them, however, it is draining and sabotaging for you. When these vampires steal your energy it lowers your vibration which places you in a downgraded vibrational state of well being. Typically, individuals that carry a "LIGHT" will attract these darker energies. For example; A moth gravitating to a flame, A fly to a light or even parasites being able to multiply in warmth, it is all the same. Again, though these energy thieves benefit from your energy, In this day and age with all of the stress and tension all around us, I am certain that we have all encountered an energy vampire in our lives at some point. This is unhealthy and we must do all that we can to ensure our protection against these attacks.


(1) PLACE AN INVISIBLE PROTECTIVE SHIELD AROUND YOU Though this may seem like a difficult task to perform, it really is not hard to do at all. Simply, center your mind and spirit in a place of peace and harmony. Close your eyes, take slow deep breaths and envision a pure white light extending from the universal energies down upon you. Envision this pure white light covering your body. While this light washes down upon you, imagine it is washing away all darkness and impurities. Once you feel that you are "pure," envision this white light being encircled around you, as if it is placing a protective shield around you. Do NOT allow any negative thoughts to enter, trust and believe that this light is serving its purpose of shielding and protecting you. Abracadabra! That is it! You are now shielded!


One of the best ways to keep yourself shielded and protected from any type of energetic mishandling is to meditate often. By meditating you are now allowing Universal energies to merge with your energy and raise your vibrational energy level. Also, by meditating often, this changes the programming of your mind. By changing how you think, you now control how your respond to situations, especially those of a negative magnitude. Often times our energy is basically being given away vs being stolen, because we are too open and not aware enough to notice that vampires lurk among us. Meditating helps to channel our minds, body and spirit into alignment, this making it harder for others to steal your energy because every component of you is working harmoniously together to shield you against this.


Have you heard the saying " Where attention goes, Energy grows?" This saying is very true. Because we are the Co-Creators of our own realities, we have the power to create things into existence simply by thinking of it. How many times have you thought of someone and out of the blue they call you? How many times have you said "Please let me get this close parking space near the store" Then it happens? You really do give energy to what you think about. So, if you have had an inclination that a person is of a low vibration, then the last thing that you want to do is constantly think of how much you don't like this person's ways, actions, etc. By thinking of them, you are only giving them your energy. As a wise man once said " If you don't feed it, It won't grow!"


As I stated before there are the knowing vampires and the unknowing vampires. The unknowing vampires truly do not understand that they are vampires. These are the ones that are really crying out for help and/or attention because they are in such a broken place. While others are simply knowingly harsh and rude people that suck life out of every situation they are involved in. It is important to know that some people are just in a bad space in their lives and though you would like to heal them (Typically those of light want to heal others) You simply can not do so at the sacrifice of your own spiritual downfall. No matter how negative they may be, insist on vibrating at your highest level regardless. Do this by speaking positivity, thinking positively and being positive regardless of how they may be towards you.


This goes back to what I stated earlier about Co-Creating our realities. Affirmations are combined words stated together in a manner of conviction. Basically, stating things with belief over and over until you believe that what you've stated either "is or will become." Some examples of affirmations are "I am an infinite being," "I vibrate at my highest level and nothing or no one can change this," or "Nothing or no one outside of me, has the power the every bring me down," "I am shielded and protected from all hurt, harm and/or danger" Stating these affirmations will always provide you with the added support needed to give your the boost in knowing you are always guided and protected and helps to encourage you when you may feel others want to try and lower your vibration.


One of the most vital ways to protect your energy from manipulation is to offer your mind, body and spirit with the absolute best nutrients it needs to sustain itself. It has been proven that eating a diet that is high in nutritional value not only adds to your physical health, but all other health components as well. When you eat properly you feel amazing. You are giving your body the tools it needs to endure through the day to day challenges you may face. You are more prone to have the strength to persevere through all things. When you fail to fuel your body correctly, you are now more prone to attacks from the energy vampires. When your energy level is low, it makes you an easier target from these manipulators. Although, this is am important aspect, the most important aspect of all, is that you need to ensure your health is your ultimate priority, as living your best life requires it to be.


It is imperative to spend time alone. This is needed to cleanse yourself of all of the energies that you need to shed from within yourself, as well as the negative energies around you. If you notice, after being around manipulators of energy, you tend to feel worn out and tired. This is because combating those energies can be very tiring. Energy vampires seek to suck your energy dry because this is how they survive. They have not mastered how to lift higher than their abyss and create their own positive energies, so they steal yours. This makes it imperative that you take time each day to regain your sense of self and energetic elevation. You can recharge by taking a bath, soaking in your favorite healing essential oils, with your healing crystals all while listening to 432HZ to recharge and raise your vibration. Practice yoga, go for a hike or whatever it is that you enjoy that gives you a sense of peace.


Last, but not least, let's touch a little on the chakras. Although, there are more than 100 chakras in the body, we mainly focus on 7 of them. These chakras are the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and the Root Chakras. One way that you can assist in balancing your chakras is by using sound healing frequencies. Many people use brainwave entrainment to assist them with this type of healing. These frequencies have been used dating back to ancient times as a method of healing and transformation. An added perk to this type of healing is including healing crystals in your practice. Be aware that crystals are programmed with their own intelligence and therefore you should use crystals that are specific to your focus of healing. Also, be sure to research these healing crystals to ensure that they are authentic in nature. Included in this practice, be certain to get lots of sunlight, take time to move to your favorite tunes and always, always practice self love and kindness EVERY DAY!

Whether or not your choose one or all of these practices to implement in your daily lives, Remember that as much as we want to help others, we can not give from an empty vessel. If you are spiritually depleted or on (E)mpty and someone is draining you, that now makes you spiritually bankrupt and sufficiently low. We do not have to come from a rude place when rejecting those that are harmful to us. We are simply placing ourselves on the highest tier of the pedestal because we deserve the be taken care of FIRST and FOREMOST in our own lives.

Peace & Blissfullness

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