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What Does It Mean To Be A "Strong Woman"

If I were to ask several people what their definition of a strong woman is, there would probably be a dozen different answers. Though there are so many ways to describe what a strong woman is, I believe that one thing holds true and can not be disputed.. A strong woman must be a woman unafraid to lift others to a higher place. Don't get me wrong, this does not mean that a woman can only be considered strong if she helps others. I am merely stating that this is one of the factors that contributes to her strength.

When I was younger, I always thought my mother was strong because people feared her. I thought being strong was equivalent to never crying or showing emotion. I believed never showing affection or empathy made you tough and tough was equal to strength. I was terribly wrong. In fact, strength is the opposite of the very thing I built my foundation of belief on. Growing up thinking this is what made you strong, I was determined to embody this in every sense, because I wanted to be strong just like my mother. When I was made to feel disrespected or hurt by someone's actions I allowed my "strength" to determine how I would deal with them and it normally wasn't pretty. I am grateful for change..

It was my "strength" that landed me in many unfortunate situations. I was always determined to not allow anyone to make me appear weak by showing any emotions other than anger, rage or "strength" I think to myself now.. How many women and men are walking around with this same mindset that they have yet to break free from? We are a broken and damaged people and the generational beliefs placed upon us need to be broken. We need not continue these behaviors and poison our children and future generations with the dysfunction that lies in modern day misconceptions. We need to undo the lies in order to redefine our structure. Misguidance and Misfortune has ran its course and must be brought to an end.

It wasn't until i reached my 3rd decade that I began to realize things were terribly misconstrued within my beliefs. Life began to hold up a mirror to my face and force me to deal with ME. I had to look deep and hard at the dysfunction and lies that I lived as truth. I was broken, I was scarred and I was scared. Scared, that if I released everything I knew, how would I know who to become? I ran for awhile and only did small increments of work to change myself, but, then I would revert back to my old ways. Finally, a situation happened in my life that forced me to sit bound and unable to move. FINALLY, I had no escape and I HAD to face all of my demons, not just some.

Needless to say, I am grateful for the experiences that broke me free from the chains that held me captive. I am still on a journey to better, but I am living the true meaning of being a woman of strength. I now take every opportunity to uplift, rebuild and be an example for others. I am strong enough to not only heal myself, but heal others in the process. I am strong enough to stand beside, behind, in front of and with my sistars who need the support that I am able to give. I choose not to look at another in judgement simply because their journey is different. But, instead, I choose to be the example and even if another being does not follow my words, they will respect and hopefully use my actions as a template to govern their own change.

So, I ask you.. "Are you, too, living your life as a STRONG WOMAN?"

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