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Top 5 Must Use Essential Oil Blends

I can shamefully admit that I did not know of the wonderful happenings of essential oils. It was not until I was in search of a more holistic way to soothe my personal space, that I stumbled across essential oils and their benefits. Honestly, I still use a candle or two from time to time ( as there is just something so special about the peacefulness that resides in a dimly candlelit room) However, essential oils have become my go-to choice in creating cleansing and wonderful aromas in my home.

With these oil blends, you simply combine them in your essential oil diffuser, then sit back and enjoy the intoxicating aromas that will take over your space! I personally purchase all of my essential oils from and I have included a link that will take to my favorite and some of the best selling essential oils and


Our Top 5 Must Use Essential Oil Blends

Nighttime Medley

This is our favorite night time blend. This combination sets the tone for a peaceful and relaxing night's rest for everyone in our home, Especially our children. 4 drops Lavender+ 4 drops Grapefruit + 4 drops Chamomile

Immunity Boost

During the germy seasons, you can rest assured that this blend will eliminate up to 99% of airborne bacteria. Simply combine and diffuse.

4 drops Shield + 3 drops peppermint + 2 drops Melaleuca

Happy Juice

If you are in need of a pick-me-up. This is your go to blend. This is especially useful when wanting to create a harmonious atmosphere either for yourself or many others. 2 drops Lemongrass + 2 drops Bergamot + 2 drops Geranium + 2 drops Lavender

Attention Booster

Anytime you are feeling a if your focus is not up to par. Simply combine and diffuse these oils to help regain your focus. 1 drop basil + 1 drop rosemary + 2 drops lemon + 2 drops orange + 2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops lavender

My Peaceful Place

This particular combination is probably my favorite. Whenever I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I like to combine these oils and diffuse them while meditating or completely relaxing. 4 drops lavender + 3 drops clary sage +

2 drops ylang ylang + 1 drop marjoram

*Please Note: I’m sharing these Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipes that I’ve made doing my own research. I recommend you do your own research to ensure you find what is right for you. Everyone is different and there are no one size fit all rules that apply. Ensure you find out how your body responds to individual oils as everyone’s body is very different and responds differently to different oils. If these blends don’t work for you, there are many other recipes available. This information is not intended to replace medical advice and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose in any way.

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