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How My Escapes of Death Can Inspire You To Live

Keya’s childhood was one that no child should ever have to face. Her mother attempted to abort her when she was pregnant; Her mother threatened to kill her at the age of 12 because she said Keya was sleeping with her boyfriend; Her biological father was her grandmother’s boyfriend; she was molested as a child, raped as a teen and became a mother before she could put her teenage years behind her. She could not turn to her own mother for help because she considered Keya a competitor who was “ruining her life.” Keya attempted suicide on several different occasions. At her most vulnerable point, Keya became involved with an abusive boyfriend who put a gun to her head, while driving erratically at 100 mph and pulled the trigger. "I thought I was going to die that day. For every time that I had wished suicide over my life, I thought my requests were finally being answered." It was a miracle that she didn’t die. She believes that she was kept here for a reason.

Keya accepts that her scars may never be fully healed, but each day she tries to “elevate to a greater dimension” in her healing process.

The turning point that caused Keya to take control of her challenges – and her life – was when she became a mother herself. She was determined to care for her child in a way that she was not mothered. Although she had no good role model and was actually a child herself, she was steadfast in her goal.

Keya now owns her own business; she is a holistic health and wellness coach; she is a life coach and intuitive reader and healer; she hosts seminars to empower other women; and she is a motivational speaker. In addition, she has featured in several benefit concerts and is currently penning a book that will highlight her journey from where she was to where she is now and where she is going. Her passion is to continue to be better, not only in her healing process, but in everything she does. She challenges herself, and she challenges those around her.

The one fear that Keya has wrestled with in taking ownership of her challenges, was the fear of failure. Early on, her mother had instilled in her the feeling that she was a failure. Her mother’s negativity became entrenched in her self-esteem. Keya continually has tried to prove to herself that her mother was wrong; that she was – and is – not a failure. However, she still struggles with the fear of failure.

Because she never felt “good enough,” she tended to shy away from taking advantage of opportunities that came her way. Instead, she made excuses and figuratively ran away from them. In order to move past this fear, Keya practiced self-therapy. She taught herself her own self-worth, and once she did that, she vowed to never allow anything to hold herself back again – even her own fears.

When she looks back, the main lesson that she has learned is that other people’s opinions of her are not what matters. She senses that many people are insecure and they project their own insecurities on others. She also believes that “you are amazing simply because you are. There are no mistakes in your creation, and therefore a mistake YOU ARE NOT!”

Keya’s life has changed in many ways. Simply expressed in her words, “I have found my voices and by gosh I USE IT! I love to help others, and I have a passion for unity, self-love and self-awareness.” Keya is the first to say that she is still on her journey, but she has made it “over to the other side” and is prepared to “fight for right…yet another day.”

When asked what the word “peace” means to her, Keya replies that peace to her means all things tranquil and beautiful. It means all things love. It is the “still place” that is untouched by negativity. It is a sacred safe haven that envelops you and keeps you grounded. Peace is the essence of your purest form, that place that allows you to be at your closest with The Universe.

At times when she wants to rejuvenate her mind, body and soul she reads, walks, sings, jogs, does yoga and tries very hard to quiet her active mind in meditation. Sometimes, although she admits that it may sound strange, she even goes to the local Healthy Home Market to walk through the aisles and read labels on new products. For some reason she is at peace there. She also likes to go to Barnes and Noble, find a chair by the window and read. This brings here contentment. This is where she can just “be.”

When asked about her favorite escape, Keya answers, “Hmmm. My favorite escape…I love the beach or lake. I grew up near the beach and did not appreciate its beauty. Now as an adult, I love sitting by the water, watching the waves, listening to the messages that stem from them.” Being near the water helps her to feel as if she is “one with it all.” As she feels the wind blow and listens to the waves hit the shore and roll back out to sea, she is reminded that she is blessed with her senses. It seems to her that “a small part of peace crashes in, and a small part of the negative remnants that remain, washes back out.”

The rhythm of life is not the same for everyone. Not everyone has faced the kinds of challenges that Keya has, but her story holds a message for all of us – that we are each unique and perfect in our own way, that learning to value our own worth is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves.

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