Give Thanks

Take time to be present in this moment. Sit still, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart. Do you feel that energy?? That is your life force. That is the reminder that you are alive, you are breathing, you are well..

Give thanks for this day. Every breath that you took for granted, remind yourself that it did not have to be yet it is, you are here. Look around you, are you able to see?? Sight is a gift, so give thanks. Were you able to taste, hear, walk and touch today? Give thanks, for you are healthy.

In life there are no guarantees. We live each day as if our next breath will follow the present one, when that is merely a falsity that we have created and accepted. This present breath is all that is ours and all that we can guarantee.. Nothing else is not guaranteed, it is hoped for.

Living in today as if we have tomorrow to make a difference is ignorance. Even in this present moment we are living on borrowed time, so we shall not en-debt ourselves even more.

Often times we look around at others and try to mimic what they do in life. Mimicking another only dilutes your qualities and the intricacies of your unique being. We look to other to try and perfect ourselves, but, how can something outside of you perfect the perfection that is already planted within you?

So, I say again to give thanks in all you do. Don't look to make it a perfect sermon when giving thanks, that is unnecessary. Your thanks is most appreciated when it is genuine and sincere. If you find yourself in a state of silence, having a lack of words to express your thanks, that is okay as well.

Don't allow yourself to remain silent when you can not find the perfect words you seek to give thanks. In fact, no fancy words are needed. Your spirit will always speak truth, even if your lips attempt to lie. Allow your spirit to speak its truth to the Universe because the Universe speaks in its Universal language of Energy.

Therefore, the Universe will always hear the words that your spirit speaks, even if you have the physical words to say. Allow your spirit to do as it wishes. Don't force the communication, but rather, just simply go with the flow of things.

Sometimes all you need to do is just close your eyes, breathe in deep and on your exhale let out a huge THANK YOU! Repeat this until your spirit feels satisfied.

Congratulations, you've just expressed the greatest form of gratitude!

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