How To Detox, Renew Your Health and Lose Weight With Iaso Detox Tea!

Can you believe that I was once 228 pounds??? I would have never disclosed this number when I was this size, out of sheer embarrassment and sadness. When you are overweight or obese as I was considered, you sometimes get caught in a downward mental spiral of guilt, denial and frustration, believing that you will be this size forever.

I can accredit my weight loss success to a few things:

(1) My willingness and determination to LIVE

(2) Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle

(3) Consuming Total Life Changes products, mainly Iaso Detox Tea, NRG & Nutraburst

The name Total Life Changes is so fitting, because it literally CHANGED MY LIFE!

Iaso Tea is one of the top selling detox teas in the country and rightfully so. That title is definitely earned and not given! Though Total Life Changes has an array of products, everyone raves over the Iaso detox tea. Iaso Detox Tea is beautifully crafted with an amazing blend of 9 different herbs that guarantee results and provides high quality and safe experiences. One of the things that I love most is the tea is effective whether you drink it hot or cold, so I literally consume it year round.

Iaso Detox Tea is more than just another detox tea on the market, it is a product that has proven to work time after time again and offers an unparalleled detoxing experience. This tea gentle detoxifies the bowels, colon, liver, blood and so much more. As so many have attest to, you will experience results after just one use!

Iaso Detox Tea has been dubbed "The Fountain of Youth, The Weightloss Magician" Some have even called it "The Fountain of Life" because it helps so many to regain control of their lives! You will have to give it a try to decide for yourself what you will call this tea.

Reading this one might say "How Can a tea do all that they say it does?" It is simple, when you combine ingredients that work together for the good of the body, it will reap the amazing results that we all experience time and time again!

Iaso Tea has helped SO many people to change their lives by losing excess pounds and inches and regaining their self confidence and quality of health. One of my clients has even successfully lost almost 10 pounds after not being able to lose weight for years! SCORE!

It is as simple as I stated. You purchase your Iaso Detox Tea or your instant (on the go) packs of iaso detox tea and you consume (2) 8 oz glasses of the Iaso Detox Tea or (2) 16.9 oz of the instant Iaso Detox Tea per day, workout 30 minutes per day, eat sensibly and drop the excess pounds.

Place your order of the 1 month Iaso Detox Tea and begin changing your life from the inside out!

*100% Natural (Non GMO and Organic-Vegan Friendly)

*100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

*100% Effective

*Safe & Secure Purchase

You also have the option to purchase workout and meal plans at a discounted price when you purchase with Mana Holistics Health & Wellness.

Health Benefits

*Build immunity

Improved Disgestion

*Reduce pounds naturally

*Boost Enery

*Rid Toxins

*Restore Mental Clarity and improves memory due to removed build up of toxins

*Clean your colon, kidneys, liver and blood

*Detox chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast and bad bacteria

*Helps restore balance within the female reproductive region

*Protects against parasites in the blood

*Promotes regularity and banishes constipation

*Helps aid IBS

*Create a complete and total detox restoring balance and natural order in the body, mind and spirit.

How to use:

Step 1:

Bring half a gallon of water to a boil and place one packet of tea into the boiling water. Allow it to sit for 4 hours and steep.

Step 2:

After steeping for 4 hours pour the remainder of the gallon of water into the steeped tea and combine. Allow to sit for 4 more hours. Once the tea has sat for a total of 8 hours (leave tea bags in the gallon) it is now ready for consumption

Step 3:

Because this gallon will last for several days, I recommend placing it in the fridge. It is now ready to consume cold or hot.

After drinking the tea, allow the tea bags to dry and use the herbs from the bag to season your meals with. Yes, our tea is so natural that you can cross use the herbs!

*Drink 8 oz of tea 30 minutes before breakfast

*Drink 8 oz of tea 30 minutes before Dinner

The Iaso Detox Tea works amazing alone but for even greater results you can pair it with Iaso NRG all natural energy and fat burner capsules and/or Nutraburst which is our multi vitamin that is equivalent to the consumption of 9 salads!


Chamomile, Persimmon Leaves, Malva Leaves, Papaya, Holy Thistle, Ginger, Marsh Mallow, Myrrh, Blessed Thistle.

If you feel you're ready to give this detox a try, click here to begin your amazing journey to wellness!

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