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Raise Positive Energy & Remove Negative Energy

Happy Mana-festing Everyone!

I just wanted to drop in and remind you of how amazing and wonderful you are! To remind you, that you are the Co-Creators of your destiny. You CAN manifest all of the wonderful things that you desire, because ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! Once you realize that things are responding to you and not happening to you, you will begin to realize the importance of your thoughts and energy.

Negative thoughts and energy will only return to you negative situations. Adversely, Positive thoughts and energy will return to you positive situations.

Taking steps towards the renewing of your mind and spirit do not have to be a daunting task. As long as you are moving in the direction of your positive desires, you are making progress and progress will ultimately lead to your success!

I am enclosing one of the videos that I use daily to help with the balancing of my mind and spirit. 432 HZ is said to be the natural frequency of The Universe and aids in cosmic healing. Therefore applying this frequency with the use of sound healing is more probable in assisting with energetic healing and balancing.

Feel free to listen with headphones while you relax or if time does not permit you to do so, simply allow it to play in the background as you go about the normal activities. The frequency will then not only aid in removing negative energy and restoring positive energy within you, it will also do the same for the environment that it is played in.

432 HZ Raise Positive Energy & Remove Negative Energy

As you listen to this video visualize the negative energies leaving you. Then visualize your body, mind, spirit and life becoming completely filled with positive energies and situations.

You need nothing outside of you to manifest greatness, it is all WITHIN YOU!

I believe in you, I decree every wonderful thing you deserve and desire IS ALREADY YOURS!

Peace & Blissfulness,


MaNa Holistics Health & Wellness

PO Box 9401

Silver Spring MD, 20916

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