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Balancing your emotions can be as easy (or as challenging) as balancing the breath. Learning to balance my emotions through breathing has been an amazing lifesaver. LITERALLY, imbalanced breathing can create a plethora of problems. Many of us believe that we are ill, when in fact, we are simply not breathing correctly.

One of the known improper breathing practices is shallow breathing, which happens when air doesn't travel very far down into the lungs, is the most common imbalance with breathing. Over time, you may accumulate new aches and pains because other muscles in your torso (core, back and shoulders) respond to the breathing imbalance. I, personally, am correcting throat strain and tension because of so many years of imbalanced breathing that was unbeknownst to me.

Another topic with imbalanced breathing that I would like to speak on is how we improperly use our breath during highly emotional times. For instance, how many of us become tense when we are upset or sad? How many of us begin performing short, choppy breaths when we are angry? Because when you are in a lower vibrational (negative) the last thing on your mind is "Am I breathing properly?" No, you are typically explosive and very tense, either because you are emotionally imbalanced in that moment or simply because you want to control the situation and its outcome. Because we know there are some things in life that no matter how hard you try, you simply can not control them.. When you think of it this way.. "What are you upset about again?"

Being a person who desired control and was very emotional at one point in my life, I wanted to shift that energy into a more positive dynamic. I no longer wanted to feel the negative effects that came along with something as simple as breathing.. or is it something simple??

Part of the change came by consciously relating to my breath. Purposely slowing it down, breathing more deeply, and becoming aware of the quality of my breath and how it pertained to my emotions. After some time of breathing practice, I am noticing the control that I have over my breath, especially as it pertains to my emotions—instead of panicking, I practice breath of fire and experience power and vitality; instead of allowing depression to rule me, I practice a 3-minute deep breathing session and breathe my way out of my low level feelings. Most importantly, instead of stewing in anger and frustration, I breathe until I become calm and unshakable.

So, you may ask " How do I correct shallow breathing?" Learning to undo our unhealthy habits and creating new healthy habits to replace them is key. Just below you will find a video that I like to utilize and share with my children to practice our deep breathing exercises. It is fun, quick and straight to the point.

4-7-8 Deep Breathing Exercise

So as you experience the daily demands of life taking you on a roller coaster of emotions, remember this meditation. Practice anytime/anywhere that you have 3.5 minutes throughout your day and observe how your attitude, your approach, and your mental agility shifts in a more positive direction. Make decisions from the stillness of your spirit and the spiritual realm of the third eye. Control your breathing to help control your emotions. Balance the breath and balance your life.

Peace, Light and Happy Breathing!

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