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Happy Rising!

Every new day affords us an opportunity to thrive - to become greater than the day before. Remembering that our greatest power lies within us and nothing outside of us can ever defeat us! 

You are a star filled with shimmering, twinkling passion and determination. Your illumination brightly shines and lights the path for others. 

How your mind perceives the day, is how the day will align. So, allow your perception to be one of positivity, one of hope and one that says I vow to give this day the absolute best of me!

You are victorious, simply because you're still here, giving life your best shot!

I am proud of you!  I am rooting for you!  I support you!  

You are loved by The Universe and this is made evident every time it kisses your eyes to awaken you. 

Cheers to a new day!  Rise and Shine so brightly!💖

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