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Today's Crystal Healing Message

๐ŸŒž Happy Thursday!! ๐ŸŒž Today's Crystal Healing: "Herkimer Diamond" INSTANT ENERGY

Heals All Chakrasย  These cards can be used just as you would use the actual healing crystal for healing. Simply focus on this card and envision it healing as if you were holding the healing crystal.ย  Each crystal has a chakra or chakras that they specifically help to heal and balance. In that instance you would focus the crystals energy on those chakras.ย  Herkimer Diamonds make excellent shields against geographic stresses and EMFs. This crystal works beyond the physical levels of being to bring harmony to the energy bodies and soul. Keep careful note of your dreams as they reveal the underlying causes of your dis-ease. You may be sensitive to EMF frequencies, radioactivity or your third eye may be blocked. Screen yourself to make sure you aren't addicted to your cell phone, tablet, and that you aren't receiving detrimental vibes from these. This healing crystal will bring you high vibrational and high impact energy which can dramatically change your world. Frequency: High Chakra: All Helping you to see the light.

#crystals #diamonds #chakras #healing #emf #crystalhealing

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