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Why You Should Stop Trying To Control Your Mind.

Living in a society where control seems to be the rightful way of having power and sovereignty -We've been trained to believe that having control allows us to dictate the outcome.  That it somehow gives us the upperhand in situations. 

Control only painfully manipulates the situation into a lower state.  When placing conscious efforts into forcing an outcome to be only as we desire, we oftentimes channel that situation away from the blessing that was intended to arise from it - Primarily because (understandably so) the blessing would cause us to feel pain to get to it. (Who wants to feel pain? Even if we know it'll somehow be worth it in the end) 

Liberation and allowed freedom guarantees you will always be exactly where you are intended to be, when you are intended to be there.  You are now trusting yourself to align with The Universal Law & Power - to flow and not force - your way into your destiny.  

So, to control the mind, is to force it to be what you feel it should be. Due to our limiting thoughts and beliefs - this almost guarantees that we will lower our potential from its greatest height. 

However,  liberating the mind, allows it to be free,  un-enslaved and isolated from imprisonment and oppression. This removes the box and gives you no limitations. 

Where your level of greatness once lie within your controlled state of mind will change. In your new liberated state of mind, that perceived "height" that you once had, will now become the floor mat in your space of infinite opportunity!

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