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You Are Phenomenal!

Happy Wednesday & Beautiful New Risings! 

Persisting in the event of unfortunate circumstances is considered power. Many of us have been given situations that would make anyone crumble.. yet, here we are, still here.  I know there are no words to say to undo the hardships or to right all wrongs. However, I will say, that I admire your strength and perseverance to continue through it all. 

You see, it is easy; to quit, to give up, to run and hide. The strength lies in; showing up, continuing on, facing the situation. The strength is YOU!  

I want to encourage you today. This message may not be for everyone, but because it was given to me, it is for SOMEONE.  The roads may not be easy, but the destination is divine. Every trial and tribulation will one day become the stepping stone from which you will stand to bare witness to your testimony. To bless others with the power of your strength and push them into greatness with the mere essence of your being!

Yes, you are MIGHTY! You are Amazing!  You are a gem in your own right!  

Even if you don't believe in you yet, I will stand in the gap and believe for you until you reach that place. 

Take a look at yourself and smile. Not only because you're beautiful, but because you're here!  You've Persisted!

#encouragement #strength #love #women #sisterhood #support #inspiration

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