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Don't Give Up.. You've Got Next

Sometimes it can be so frustrating, toiling diligently in the direction of your dreams, just to feel it's taking forever to achieve the goals you have set. I can admit that I sometimes am not as patient as I need to be and this allows simple situations to feel overwhelming. I had a moment earlier where my carnal self wanted to go into pity mode.  I've been working very hard and sacrificing time with my family in order to build my brand and my legacy. My husband has been doing the same and this is where my pity party came in. 

However, I had to process my emotions, assess my situation and revise my plans to assure I'm doing everything possible to capitalize my gifts and abilities. In the midst of building myself up, I extend to you, tools to help you do the same. 

Remember, when everyone around you is in their winning season, you can bet your bottom dollar, THAT YOU'VE GOT NEXT!

Please take 5 minutes to view this video of encouragement. 

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