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Go Get Your Blessing

Sometimes that extremely difficult situation that you think is trying to destroy you... Is actually that contracted push that The Universe needs to birth you into your destiny! You can't appreciate that sunshine without knowing what the rain feels like. Your destiny IS... PERIOD! That means nothing that shakes you can alter the greatness of your destination unless YOU allow it to. It's already yours.. you just gotta go get it! Life has an amazing way of testing us beyond belief and blessing us beyond deserving. We as spiritual beings are here to experience and grow. To learn and to teach. This life isn't meant to be a form of punishment. Though, when we refuse to honor what our spirit shows us is the right thing to do, we often inflict punishment upon ourselves or others. So, today I ask that you shift your perspective. Whatever you are enduring, instead of viewing it as negative, choose to find something positive in the situation. Know that this too shall pass and greater days are surely ahead. Peace & Blessings - Keya

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