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Oracle Guidance for Friday February 15, 2019


Trusting in Divine Timing is the message for this card. In this time, let go of the expectations of things happening NOW. You are so focused on making your dreams a reality, that you are forgetting that EVERYTHING that is meant for you WILL NOT MISS YOU! What is divinely created for you will ALWAYS find its way to you. So, instead of wasting inner-gy and time trying to force situations to go the way you want them to.. Remember to relax, breathe and retreat in the fact of knowing that what is yours is yours without condition. You can't make The Universe stop loving and providing for you.

However, if you are busy chasing after a thing, you are only pushing it further away. The distance from you to your dreams will never change. So allow things to flow to you. When you play the game of chase, you're only shifting your position from step A to step B, yet not getting any closer only changing positions. The more you do this, the longer it takes for your reality to appear. Think of how the cat chases the yarn. The more he chases it, the more it rolls away. Eventually, he will get to it, but look at the unnecessary inner-gy he wasted to do so.

Now, by positioning yourself to be the chased and not the chaser, that does not mean to do nothing. That means while you mana-fest your dreams and do as spirit leads you, you are trusting and believing that it's already yours. By knowing its already yours, you now match your vibration to the vibrations that you desire and are more aligned and receptive. Inner-getically chasing is equivalent to begging and saying to The Universe that you don't believe you are worthy of what it is you desire. Therefore, it continues to move away from you.

(I mean, would you give into a guy/gal that's been chasing and begging you or do you prefer someone that is more confident and self assured?)

Stand firm and confident in this day, knowing WHO you are and WHOSE you are. Your power is not dictated by things or people, not even you, unless you have decreed to yourself that you are a LIMITLESS, POWERFUL, ABUNDANT & a MAGICAL UNSTOPPABLE BEing! Go forth! Make each moment great! Beautiful Blessings to you all!

In Spirit & Health☯️,

GoDDis Keya Nyame-Aje' Keya Nyame-Aje

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