YOUR Life Is A Gift

🌻Life is a gift. Each day becomes what we make it to be. I advise you to focus your inner-gy on what you want to mana-fest, instead of overwhelming your spirit with what you feel is a setback. . 🌻🌻 Use the cards you were dealt to your advantage. Whatever you've seen as a bad thing, that's happened, find a way to exalt yourself from it. . 🌻🌻 For example: Instead of feeling guilty for becoming a mom at 17 (like society tried to force me to be) I utilize my lessons and wisdom to now empower young women who are (or have) experienced the same situation. To let them know their value did NOT decrease because of this. I take what was meant to destroy me, rise from it and pull others up along the way. . 🌻🌻 Everything you've endured (are enduring) is a tool to catapult you into your greatness! Remember (YOUR) life is a gift!🌻 

Peace & Infinite Blessings

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