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The Beauty of Self Confidence

Many of us enjoy the feeling that acknowledgement from others can bring. However, imagine the beauty that lies only in self validation. Being praised for doing an amazing job gives us a sense of admiration and pride.... Though being admired by others is nice, we understand that this is not what truly matters. Some of us are puppets on a string, moving in whichever direction another person's actions of like or dislike might take us. When you take time to honor and place self validation above all, a greater sense of self begins to emerge.

Practicing self love, self praise, self worthiness and all things "Self," will lead you to greater self confidence. It is in this space that we are no longer fueled by the acceptance (or lack thereof) of others. We are strengthened in our belief of self. The more we practiced honoring and valuing ourselves, the less likely we are to seek this from others. So when their approval isn't received, it won't make you feel devalued in any way. Though praise and acknowledgement from others is nice, it is only the added bonus, not the entire foundation. By allowing your voice and opinion to be the core of all that truly matters, you place other's opinions where it truly belongs. Your self validations trumps it all which gives you the greatest level of inner strength and self confidence.

Begin today, by acknowledging that in your life, only your opinion matters. Be your own cheerleader above all. That way if no one is clapping, you won't feel as though your job isn't well done. Sometimes people aren't clapping not because you aren't great, but because you are. By not being driven by their actions, you won't be confused into thinking things that are not true about yourself. You must take responsibility for your own self worth and the management of your self confidence. Your positive belief of self, is the foundation from which all of your greatness will continue to blossom!

In case no one has told you today, you are awesome! Your greatness is unmatched and everything in your life will continue to flourish beautifully on your behalf! However, you already knew this, because you already tell yourself this daily.😉 What I just said was only the icing on your (ALREADY) beautiful self confidence cake😀

Peace & Blissfulness,


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