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How To Cleanse Your Own Chakras

Greetings Beautiful Mana-festors! If you are not aware of what chakras are, I will explain it as simply as I know how.

I will first begin by introducing (or re-introducing) you to each chakra in their chronological order. I will also highlight each chakra by the color which represents it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*ROOT CHAKRA - (RED) First Chakra responsible for security. located at the tail bone.

*SACRAL CHAKRA - (ORANGE) Second Chakra - responsible for creativity. located at the pelvis.

*SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - (YELLOW) responsible for confidence. located at the belly.

*HEART CHAKRA (GREEN) responsible for self-love. located at the chest.

* THROAT CHAKRA (BLUE) responsible for clear communication. located at the throat.

*THIRD EYE CHAKRA - (PURPLE) responsible for psychic sight and intuition. located at the middle of the forehead.

*CROWN CHAKRA (WHITE/INDIGO) responsible for communicating with THE DIVINE SOURCE. located at the top of the head.

Just as our physical bodies are supported by internal organs that helps its functioning and smooth operations, Our spiritual body has the same. A system known as the chakras is what is in control of this operation. Chakra is a Sanskirt word that means "wheel of light" and that is exactly what it is. Each chakra has its own responsibilites and inner-gy centers within the body. There are well over 110 chakras within the body, but there are 7 major chakras that offers the greatest impact on our spiritual body.

Our chakras are strongly connected to our physical bodies and will always offer feedback to the spiritual body about what is happening within the physical body. As a result of tension, stress, trauma and unresolved feelings and emotions, the inner-gy that stores itself in the body creates imbalances and blockages within our spiritual and physical body. Once our chakras become blocked or imbalanced, we must cleanse them to get the inner-gy flowing properly again. Techniques such as Sound Therapy, Yoga, Reiki Healing Sessions, Crystal Therapy, Meditation and Yoga help tremendously in getting us back on our inner-getic track.

By cleansing your chakras, you are releasing stagnant inner-gy that is stuck and unable to free itself. Look at it as a sort of detox for your spirit. In my opinion, our Spirit body is the central part of our existence. Though it is connected to our emotional and physical bodies, it is essentially, the head honcho in charge. Because of this, it is vital to ensure you properly care for and upkeep it's innermost workings. Attending to all of these components, assures our overall wellness (Whole - listic) and not just parts. We can't properly heal the entire BEing if we only focus on one part.

We all deal with day-to-day trauma and stressors and left unattended wreaks havoc on our lives. The things we endure, think and feel will ultimately mana-fest into our reality if we have a weakened defense system set in place. So by cleansing your chakras, you are giving your spirit a shower to wash away what is not meant to stay. Everything comes to teach, grow and encourage us to evolve.. Not all of it is meant to hang around. Can you imagine how weighed down you'd be if you always carried everything and never released?

Though cleansing the chakras may seem a little intimidating, it's actually not as difficult as you may think! Once you get in the rhythm of the cleansing rituals, you can think create your own special ritual if you choose and let your spirit guide you on how to complete them. How often you choose to perform your ritual is entirely up to you. Because I work in the spiritual healing arena I perform mini rituals after each client and an overall ritual each day to maintain my own spiritual wellness.


Step 1 : Grounding

Grounding is a very important first step in cleansing your chakras and in all spiritually practices. Grounding simply means that all of your life force inner-gy is being fully implanted and connected to the earth. The inner-gy source within your physical BEing derives from your SOUL, THE DIVINE SOURCE OF ALL EXISTENCE & THE UNIVERSAL/EARTH INNER-GY. Your physical body is simply a vehicle or conduit of that combined inner-gy that allows you to channel it into this physical existence.

First, find a comfortable and uninterrupted space to sit. I prefer sitting in the crossed legged position, with my palms on my knees facing upward and open. Then, close your eyes to remove visual distractions. Make certain to relax. The way that I do this is by literally, intuitively, telling each part of my body that it is okay to relax.

For instance, I start at the top of my head and work my way down. "I now give my mind permission to relax. I now give my third eye permission to relax. I now give my eyes permission to relax..etc..) Now, you want to take slow, deep and steady breaths. This allows your body to relax and it sends a signal to your brain that you are safe and it is okay to relax. As you are breathing deeply visualize being covered by a white light. Starting from the top of your head down to the earth. Visualize that you are sitting outside in an open field. You are sitting on the ground right next to a huge tree that towers over you. Imagine that from the branches of the tree is a bright and beautiful white light that is washing over you.

You now want to direct all of the inner-gy in your body to flow down into the earth. As you are doing so, you and the tree are merging and becoming one. You want to visualize that the inner-gy that is moving downward into the earth, is leaving your body through your feet. (Never allow the inner-gy to move upward during a cleanse, always visualize it moving down and out of your feet.) As it is moving out of your feet and into the earth, imagine that the roots of the tree ( which are connected to you and are your roots) are extending downward until it reaches a sacred space in the Earth's core. Imagine the inner-gy in that space is pure and healing and as you release the dark inner-gy, the light inner-gy is flowing through your roots back into your spiritual and physical body, cleansing you.

Step 2: Visualize and Open All 7 Chakras

Visually see each chakra as as a lotus flower. To open each chakra you simply visualize each chakra in its rightful location. Visualize each chakra and opening and blossoming and glowing. See each chakra as its respective color (Please see above). Each chakra should be seen as a fully opened lotus flower, in its rightful color, glowing and pulsating its beautiful bright color. You start at the root chakra and work your way to the crown chakra, repeating the same steps for each chakra until they are fully opened. Do not move on to the next chakra until you have completely opened the one your are currently working on. Do not get frustrated if you struggle at first, you will get the hang of it. Be patient with the process and trust yourself. This process should take less than 10 minutes to complete, however, do not focus on the time frame, but rather, ensuring your properly complete it.

Once you have opened each chakra, allow that cleansing light from the Earth's center pulsate through each chakra. Visualize its white light inner-gy moving through each chakra. See the chakra become fully covered and cleansed by this light before moving to the next chakra. As this light is flowing through each chakra, you want to imagine that it is removing all darkness and negative inner-gy and cleansing and replacing it with light and positive inner-gy. Complete this step for all of the 7 major chakras. There is no time limit on how long this process could take, trust your spirit and be led on what you should do for you.


When you feel the shift and your chakras feel opened and clean. It is now to seal this inner-getic portal. You can do this by visualizing the white light inner-gy forming into a one line, similiar to a cord. Once the inner-gy has gathered together to form this cord, imagine yourself grabbing this cord with your hands and gently tugging the cord to disconnect it from you. When you do this visualize the cord connecting back to the Earth's center where we first connected with it. Then see the Earth create its closure, so that that portal is not just left open.

Once we disconnect this inner-gy cord, we should now visit each chakra to comfortably align them. We opened them completely in the earlier part of the process and having them completely opened can often times lead to them be over-active (which we don't want) having them closed leads to blockage ( which we also do not want) and finding that perfect balance is what we desire to have. To adjust each chakra, we start with the Crown chakra and visit each one in order, working our way down to the Root chakra. With the with each chakra, you want to visualize a yourself fine tuning like you would with a radio dial. Turn the dial until your spirit tells you to stop. To effectively do so, you must really tune into yourself and "listen" Your spirit knows how to lead you and will not lead you wrong. Once your spirit says "stop" you want to move on the each subsequent chakra until you have completed all 7 of them.


Now that you have completed all of the steps you have to remove what no longer serves you. All of the inner-gy that you released has to go. You do not want to keep that inner-gy lingering in your space. Visualize everything that was removed from you, being carried away by your Higher Power. See it all leaving until it disappears in your mind's eye. Once this is done, wash your hands with cold water. Cold water is another way to seal you from inner-gy cords. When washing your hands give thanks to your Spirit Guides for assisting you in the cleansing and opening of your chakras, but request to seal the inner-getic connection at that time. This process should only take a few minutes to complete. Before drying your hands, shake the water off of your fingers into the sink 3 times. This ensures all inner-gy has been sealed and your session is now complete.

Though this may seem a bit thorough at first, the more you practice this, the easier and faster it becomes. You should feel the difference in your inner-gy and spirit and in your physical body.

If you still feel you would like a more in-depth chakra inner-gy healing session, As a Reiki Master, I offer distance healing sessions that may be of assistance to you. You can learn more and inquire about a session here

In Spirit & Wellness,

Keya Nyame-Ajè 💚

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