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It is Mind Over Matter.. Because Your Mind Truly Does Matter

Let's be honest.. How often do we check in with our mental health & wellness to assess just how well or unwell we are?

Everything in our physical, emotional, spiritual & overall existence is guided by our minds. Your level of mental wellness heavily impacts your total wellness.

Being aware of your thoughts and how you respond to them is vital. The mental power that you possess is a very powerful thing! Adversely, mental weakness can be just as powerful.

Think of it like this, sometimes we find ourselves consumed with thoughts that are hurtful to us. We become saddened and stressed, only to then have our bodies produce increased levels of adrenaline. This increased adrenaline causes our heart rate to elevate, raises our blood pressure and boosts our levels of cortisol. Cortisol, which is is a stress hormone, cause unhelpful symptoms within the body when its levels are elevated. Weight gain, insomnia, mood swings, low inner-gy and even diabetes can be results of increased levels of cortisol released from stress and anxiety.

So, even though we know that stress and anxiety are not our friends, sometimes we find it hard to stop this hurtful habit.

Let's say you are stressed over a bill that's due. You ponder over a million different possibilities of what could happen. (all of this while you are mentally acting out every scenario as if it WILL happen) Each time you do this, your mind does not know the difference between reality and make believe. So, in your mind, these "possibilities" are REALLY happening.

(I always say once you realize just how powerful and obedient your mind is to its Master (you) You will never allow yourself to dwell in negative thoughts ever again!)

This means, your mind/body connection is preparing itself to protect you from what it perceives to be a life threatening situation (because again, the mind doesn't know reality from make believe) Every time you stress or fear your body goes into fight or flight mode as a means of protection. Fight or flight is your physiological response to a threatening situation, which readies one either to RESIST FORCIBLY or RUN AWAY. So either way, when you stress, your mind is preparing your body to FIGHT!

Our bodies way of fighting in most instances is by getting sick or shutting down. Don't get me wrong, sickness can sometimes be a good thing. Sometimes we have gunk in our temples that need to be flushed out or sometimes we feel tired as a notification that its time to rest. Those are very helpful in keeping us balanced. However, when sickness comes in the form of diseases

(dis=not / ease=absence of difficulty. disease = not without absence of difficulty or better yet, with having difficulty) that's when there is a problem.

With this knowing, we must own the fact that we indeed have the power to control our minds and our mental health and wellness truly does matter. By paying closer attention to your thoughts, worries and fears, you can better build your mind's defense mechanism.

When we choose to reprogram the dark confines of our minds to light, we empower ourselves to the greatest degree. By healing this mental warfare within ourselves, we are better equipped to be the example and guide others in their healing also.

Reminding yourself that worry, fear, anxiety and stress are all make believe figments that we have created within the walls of our imagination, helps us to overcome this mental hell we put ourselves through unnecessarily.

Adopting healthier habits can help combat these patterns and help to turn them into better ones. We must be faithful to safeguard this sacred mind space as would a mother tiger protect her cub. Your mind is a divine and sacred space that must be carefully guided and guarded. Be confident in knowing that what you sow into it you will surely reap. Remove the rotten fruit and allow the ripe ones to become your greatest harvest.

Meditation, Yoga, Sound Therapy, Reiki Healing Sessions, Journaling, Dancing, Grounding and Brain Entrainment are all very helpful ways to help you on your journey to achieving greater mental stamina.

I extend to you peace, wellness and all of the positive vibes I can muster!

Until next time, Be of Love, Be of Expectancy and allow The Universe to bless you in unimaginable ways!

Peace & Light

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