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12 Eye Opening Life Truths


1. The only failure in life is when you quit

2. Everyone's journey is different because everyone is different

3. Positive thoughts become positive things

4. No amount of stress can change the past

5. What goes around comes around.. KARMA

6. Opinions are NOT what define your reality. ONLY YOU can define your reality

7. Overthinking creates more depression than you can imagine. Leave the past in the past, the future has yet to arrive. Make the best of (and enjoy) the only thing that really matters.. The Present (NOW)

8. Your happiness is your responsibility. Everyone else only accentuates what you first give to yourself

9. What you judge others on the most, identifies what really lies within the core of you

10. Smiling as big as you can has been scientifically proven to alleviate sadness. It is a fact that you can not smile and be sad at the same time.

( TRY IT :-) )

11. Money can buy temporary happiness, but it can not provide eternal peace. This is proven by the number of wealthy individuals committing suicide. Allow the money to supply you with your needs. Do the self work to achieve the peace to enjoy it all.

12. Some people are only sent into your life to teach you how to deal with your shadow self. Even if they are the closest to you in regards to your family tree.. Their only job in this existence, could be to teach you lessons that you will only learn through them. Even family members can have an expiration date in your life.

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