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What Are Healing Energy ( Inner-gy ) Tools and How Do I Use Them?

Peace Beautiful Souls!

You may be wondering just what are these "healing tools" that you speak of sis??

Well before explaining the healing tools, I will delve a little into the "energy" or "inner-gy" part of things.

Each of us has inner-getic force fields that is built upon the foundation of our own personal inner-gy (energy). When we deal with emotions such as stress, depression, exhaustion, anxiety and other draining emotions, our inner-getic (energetic) force field becomes weakened and can often times lead to illnesses and imbalance of our soul and physical being.

Healing inner-gy (energy) tools help tremendously with these issues. Inner-gy healing tools can help balance our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. There are so many tools to choose from. Everything from healing crystals, reiki healing, singing bowls, tongue drums to tuning forks. Though you can use these tools on your own to aid in your healing. As a certified healing practitioner, I utilize all of these tools to help optimize your health and wellness.

Inner-gy tools are best described as healing modalities to help restore our inner-getic balance. They help assist in turning (ill)ness to (well)ness.


Inner-gy Healing Crystals or also referred to as gemstones and inner-gy healing stones, extend healing on many different levels. Each crystal carries its own frequency (or vibrations) which aid in healing different parts of the mind, body and soul. Crystals help to clear out stagnant and negative inner-gy that may be stuck in the physical body. The discord that you feel is that inner-gy trying to free itself from your physical body. However, when those emotions of sadness come or those emotions of pain and anger arise, we tend to stuff them away. We either ignore them, soothe them with food or drinks or we relive the same emotions all over again that got us there in the first place. I

One way crystals can assist with this is when you feel the emotions, sit when them. Identify with the emotions, hold your crystals (or place them on your body) and allow the crystals to absorb the negative emotions you are feeling in order to remove them.

Some of the crystals I highly recommend to my clients are:

*Amethyst: Helps with creating calmness and gives clarity for decision making.

*Selenite: Helps to remove inner-gy blockages in the body.

*Rose Quartz: Helps the user feel a strong sense of self love and self worth.

*Black Obsidian: Helps provide protection to its user.

*Clear Quartz: Helps to clear the mind of negativity.

Sage is a purifying herb that, when burned, is called smudging. This technique helps to cleanse the air and the individuals of spiritual, emotional and mental negative vibes.

Cedar is also an herb. When burning this herb, its properties are more geared towards prayer offering. However, when smudging, this herb is considered to cleanse the entire inner-getic system.

Singing Bowls Singing bowls are one of my favorite healing modalities. Regardless of whether you prefer Tibetan Singing Bowls or Crystal Singing Bowls, you must admit that the sound is beautiful! The singing bowls, when gently stroked with a mallet, give off healing inner-getic sounds. There are bowls that align with each of the chakras and carry the sound note that is in alignment with each chakra. Scientifically, it has been proven that sound bowls can give instant gratification when one is dealing with stress, anxiety and even physical pain.

Essential Oils are extracted from plants, flowers, roots, seeds and other environmental elements when being created. This gives us access to these combined elements from the earth to help heal us where we may be broken. Essential oils can be taken topically, as well as placed on the body for ailments and diffused from a diffuser into the air, to give us an instant boost of feel good inner-gies!

In closing, we must be mindful that our entire inner-getic being needs constant care and consideration, in order to stay balanced. Working with an inner-getic healing professional is a great way to help keep your inner-getic health in alignment. Healing tools are a great way to help re-calibrate the body's inner-getic system. If you are unsure about which healing tools to begin with, feel free to contact us to help get you started. With the wide variety of healing inner-gy tools, the journey to continued wellness is full of abundance! Let's get you started today with creating your healing inner-gy tool wellness kit to ensure you are living your most well and abundant life!

We are currently offering 10% off on all of our healing inner-gy tools! What better time to get started than now??

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