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Why You Should Be Okay With Starting Over

I use to be afraid of starting over. I felt that, that symbolized failure from my previous venture. I felt that meant, I was somehow inadequate and not good enough. I remember when I was on a journey to become more patient and slow to react. I was failing MISERABLY. Everything triggered me because I was so broken inside. 

Not even 5 minutes later I was snapping and cussing about something. Then I'd feel defeated because I "failed" and my feeling of defeat made me too proud to want to try again.

What I now realize is I was never defeated, I was only being tested in order to strengthen my muscles of patience and compassion. If you are new to working out, 3 pushups may be doable, but that 4th one is gonna test you. 

It doesn't mean you've failed because you're tested. It means you're being shown where your weak point is. That way, you can strengthen that muscle and work to improve. 

If you must start over, know that you have not failed. You've simply added to your experience, to give you the betterment that you will ultimately achieve. 

If you're reading this and you're stuck feeling like starting over is a bad thing.. Remind yourself that you go to bed and reawaken everyday... TO START OVER.. with the knowledge of yesterday that will make you better each new day to come. 

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