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5 Way to Clear Negative Inner-gy From Yourself and Any Space You're In

Have you ever walked into a home, store or any environment, for that matter, and things just felt "off"? Negative inner-gy (energy) can linger in almost anything, For example; Furniture, curtains, clothes, people, animals and linen can all hold onto to negative and stagnant inner-gy. Had an argument with your spouse, in your bedroom (5) months ago and you never cleansed your space afterwards? Yep, that negative inner-gy is still kickin' it in your bedroom having a threesome. Don't fret! I am here to give you a few tips on how to remove and cleanse that negative and stagnant inner-gy. From your home, your space and even yourself. To re-balance things and feel like new again!

Here are a few of my favorite tips on how to clear the inner-gy. They are listed in no particular order. Use them however you see fit and find which one(s) are your preferred go-to methods for clearing and cleansing. Some of these methods are better suited for clearing spaces verses people and others can be used on either yourself or your space.

Though I said these would be in no particular order, I must partially digress.. #1 is my ultimate go-to and probably my favorite method of ALL...

#1 Smudging with White Sage

White sage typically come in bundles known as white sage smudging sticks or simply known as "sage". You use sage by lighting the tip of the bundle. The fire should subside leaving you with the smoke of the sage bundle filling the air. You simply hold this bundle while walking through your space. You can rotate the smoke bundle in a circular, clockwise motion or use a feather to fan the flames and keep the smoke coming. I always repeat affirmations or intentions will smudging. For example, "I command all negative inner-gy to leave this space. I decree that only the highest vibrations for my highest good will remain." You can also smudge yourself to remove negative inner-gy that may be attached to you. I always start at my head and swirl the sage smoke around my body, all the way down to my feet. Once at my feet, I visualize the sage smoke carrying the negative inner-gy away from my body, out of the window, where The Universe then transmutes the inner-gy to positive inner-gy to feed the earth. Make certain that you have open ventilation and your windows are opened to release the inner-gy anytime you sage your home or yourself. Allowing the negative inner-gy to be released from your space where The Universe then transmutes it into positive inner-gy and spreads its positivity among the Earth. You can always purchase your blessed sage bundles here to begin your cleansing journey with this option.

#2 High Frequency Sound or Music

Sound has the ability to break up negative inner-gy particles. The vibration from high vibing sounds shakes negative inner-gy loose and makes it easier to release it. Think about it.. If you are feeling sad and you get up and dance to a high vibrational song, how do you feel afterwards? This doesn't have to be any particular style of music, so long as it lifts your vibrations it will work just fine. If you want to explore deeper options, you can seek a vibrational sound practitioner to assist you in performing a sound bath to help you inner-getically cleanse on a cellular and soul level.

#3 Smokeless Sage Inner-gy Cleansing Spray

For some, the smoke from sage bundles can be a bit much. If this is the case for you, then the smokeless sage spray is a better alternative. You get the same benefits from the sage bundle, only without the irritants that the smoke may cause you. You simply spray the spray over yourself or in the space that you are cleansing. You do this while speaking the same intentions that I listed above for the sage spray. Though some people find it unnecessary to open a window when using the spray, I still do. When using the spray on yourself, I always spray the spray above my head (3) times (mind, body & spirit) and allow it to fall over me, while speaking my intentions. I use all natural essential sage oil, palo santo among other essential oils and protective ingredients. I then bless the spray under the full moon inner-gy and its all set to clear your space and yourself and restore your positive inner-gy. You can purchase yours here.

#4 Healing Crystals

One of my favorite crystals for clearing and protection is Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian or Onyx. Crystals are powerful inner-getic pieces that derive from our Beautiful Earth! Each crystal has its own properties and offer different vibrations. Crystals can be carried in your purse, your pocket or even made into jewelry pieces that you can wear. You can place crystals in the protection sectors of your home to aid in protective inner-gy being ushered in and protection from negative inner-gy. This is especially good for people who tend to be more prone to taking on other people's inner-gy. With my healing work and dealing with so many people each day, black tourmaline & black obsidian are ALWAYS with me. If you work with toxic people, travel a lot or encounter lots of people from day to day and you are consumed by their inner-gy.. Then this is definitely a crystal you want to have in your collection.

#5 Florida Water

Florida water is used to cleanse the soul, to attract good luck and to provide protection. Florida water has been used for centuries as a protective aid. Florida water can be used in several ways. You can add it to your mop water and mop the floors in your home to move out negative inner-gy and add protective and blessed inner-gy into your home. You can add 1/2 cup to your bath water along with sage, patchouli, rose and lavender essential oils for a protection spiritual bath. You can also simply pour a few drops into the palms of your hands and rub them together while invoking your protection prayer to your Divine Source. Florida water is a must have staple in my healing and protection daily uses. I also bless the Florida water under the Full and New Moons each month for added blessings. We have a new batch ready to go out in our store here

Please be mindful that although all of these tools are amazing assets to utilize in the cleansing of one's self and/or their home/personal spaces. Ultimately, you must ensure that you are keeping a balanced mind, body and spirit. You can cleanse with these tools every single day and still have negative thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and just bring those negative inner-gies right back into your space. You must work diligently to not only cleanse yourself but to heal yourself from any negativity that may be over powering you. We all have the duality of positive and negative inner-gy within us. Ultimately, it's your decision which inner-gy you will choose to operate out of. 😀

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