3 Things To Do During The Full Moon

Whenever the moon is full, magical inner-gies are at its peak! This is a time to set intentions for what you would like to mana-fest. Allow the powerful inner-gy of the full moon to amplify your wishes and desires!

Using the full moon inner-gy tonight will help to catapult your dreams into your reality. I believe the full moon's inner-gy is most powerful on the first night, but you can still set your intentions on the night after and still harness that full moon power.

I will list 3 intentions that you can set or cast (depending on how you view it) during the full moon.


The full moon is a prime time to charge and empower your crystals. You can sit your crystals out in the sun all day on the day of the full moon. You can also sit them outside at night under the illumination of the full moon. If you are not in a position to sit them outside and place them in the windowsill to soak up the full moon inner-gy. I lay my crystals on a white cloth if in a windowsill and allow them to soak up the inner-gy. I will also place my crystals in a glass jar and cover it with a white cloth, if I sit them outside. This allows you to both cleanse and charge your crystals with amplified full moon power. This amplifies the inner-getic power of your crystals.


Clearing and blessing your home during the full moon attunes your home to the magical inner-gies of the full moon. It also protects and cleanses your homes of any negative inner-gy. You can do this my smudging your home with white sage If white sage is too potent for your liking and smoke is not of your liking, then smokeless sage spray is equally as good. You simply light the sage bundle or spray the sage spray will walking through your home and releasing the negative inner-gy. You are speaking aloud (or to yourself) your intentions for your home. Make certain to open the windows to release the negative inner-gy and allow the positive full moon inner-gy to flow right in.


During this full moon inner-gy, who wouldn't want to mana-fest additional funds!?? A simple way to do this is to write out an abundance check. Simply take one of your checks or do a google search for blank checks and print one out. If that is not doable, then draw a check on a blank piece of white paper. The Universe is not as concerned with how real the check is, as much as the intention that you put behind it. You want to fill in the check by making the check out to yourself. Fill in the dollar amount you desire and then write out the dollar amount in the specified location. Sign the check "Law of Abundance" In the memo section place "PAID IN FULL" In the date section, you want to place "I AM READY TO RECEIVE NOW" Once this is done, you want to fold the check in half to hold the full moon inner-gy inside. On the next new moon, you want to open the check and speak to The Universe that you are ready to mana-fest the dollar amount that you have asked for and you decree that the full moon inner-gies will help to multiply its return to you.

Not everyone believes in the power of the Universal inner-gies to help mana-fest their dreams and desires. However, if you do, please give these a try and leave us some feedback on how they worked out for you.

Happy FULL MOON'ing!!

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