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Today's Mana-fest: You Are A Consistent Winner!

Your winning season has no expiration date!  You are simply in between wins right now!  You are a Power hitter and your bases are fully loaded with abundance!  Sometimes we're so busy trying to hit foul balls, thinking that hit will land us a homerun.  But in reality we keep striking ourselves out!  Take time to Observe the pitch. The Universe may be using the pitcher, to create a pitch out, that will be designed to help walk you on in to home base!  You're a WINNER in every season baby! You can't lose!!  

Affirmations: I am always open to receive my blessings! I KNOW that The Universe is in a mission to exalt me higher than ever before! Everything works out for my highest good!

I am blessed and I am worthy of all of my blessings!

Everyday I am destined to WIN!

Always remember that the greatest blessing you will ever receive, is YOU!  

Thank you for your commitment to evolving into your highest self!  I honor you Queen! 

With lots of Peace, Joy & Love!

- Keya Nyame-Aje'


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