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Morning (New Rising) Rituals & Why They Are Important

Divine Abundant Blessings & Happy New Day Soul Manafestors!! 

How we begin our days are great indicators for how our days will go. When you start your day rushed, scattered, imbalanced and ungrounded - you will likely experience a day filled with chaos and dis-cord. (Not in accordance or alignment with your life experience's ultimate plan) 

Creating daily habits to begin your day on a positive and more aligned note, gives you more control over the dictation and direction of your day. 

Oftentimes, we feel as though we have no control over how our days will go or the happenings in our day. WRONG! 

Always remember you were created in the image and likeness of the Most Sacred Divine Source. Therefore, you have the POWER to shift ANYTHING!  

Below, is a list of the rituals I perform at the start of most new days. (I won't even attempt to lie and say I do this every single day. Though, it is ultimately my goal to do so. I am not there just yet.) When I perform these rituals I feel more balanced, more aligned, more grounded and in control (to a degree.. however, that's a whole other conversation)

Try practicing all, some or even just one of these each day for the next week and notice the difference. Then commit to more extensively invest in yourself. 

If, (when 🤗) you notice the positive change, add one or two more to your daily practice, until you've added the entire list. Please feel free to add some of your own personalized rituals to your list as well. 

Everyday is a great day to be great!  Let's seize this beautiful new day!!

Peace & Divine Blessings, 

- Keya Nyame-Aje

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