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Candle Healing for each day of the week

Many of us are seeking ways to incorporate a little magical healing, cleansing, and abundance into each day of the week. One of the ways that I like to incorporate this added bliss into my life, is through prayer and candles. Each day of the week carries special vibrations, that if used properly, can add so many magically, dynamic aspects to your life. There's a reason why date nights for my husband and me are on Fridays, and why I like to make sure I study on Wednesdays. Once we bring in our candles to this mix, WALLAH! A beautiful recipe for the overall enhancement of our week..

SUNDAY is the ideal day for healing. Any day with the word "SUN" in it, sounds like it should be filled with so much light, right?? Right! Sundays are prime for dealing with any prayers or healing work that deals with self-confidence, joy, and inner peace. With Sunday being a day that is ruled by the sun, this is a day that is opportune for my Leo zodiac signs. Sundays are an amazing day to heal the Sacral Chakra. This chakra is represented by the color yellow and also is the inner-gy center that helps to heal our inner confidence. On Sunday, you can draw in inner-gy from this day by incorporating more colors of yellow into your day. Wearing a yellow dress or shirt, buy yourself some yellow flowers and even meditate with crystals such as; carnelian, tiger's eye, citrine, or topaz. Wearing gold jewelry is also an inner-getic healer on this day. When incorporating your candle, pray or meditate while holding onto your yellow candle ( You can always use white candles for any occasion as all candles have a white base and are dyed to their selected color) on your intention for healing your inner peace, boosting your self-confidence or drawing in success. Upon completion of the prayer, light your candle. It doesn't hurt to burn some incense such as cedar, amber, or frankincense as well.

MONDAY, better known as MOONDAY, is an intuitive day. This day, spiritually, is linked to the self-care of women and focusing the inner-gy around the care of your home. This is MY self-care day and if you've ever booked a service with me, then you know, that Monday is not a business day that I offer services. Monday is associated with water elements (Again, no surprise there, as I am a Scorpio Sun and Moon) This day for spirituality is all about beautification, harmonizing, balancing, and aligning. Mondays are associated with the third eye, which means, Monday is a great day to do third eye and crown chakras healing work. Incorporating white candles, dressed in some jasmine, camphor, or anise essential oil, will be amazing to add to your meditation on Mondays to help enhance your intuition, cleanse your third eye, crown chakras of over usage, and even bring balance and harmony into your entire inner-gy center. Take a Moonday spiritual bath and add some lavender-infused bath salt, grab a bag of our BEE-LOVED Self Love Bath Soak from our store, and add some Moonstone, Flourite, and clear quartz crystals to your water. Meditate, listen to some 144 or 963 Hz and just soak your way into higher vibrations!

TUESDAY is an amazing day to take action. This is why you may notice that you are likely most productive on Tuesdays. With this day being ruled by the planet Mars, we are more driven to follow our dreams, move towards our goals and take charge of our destiny. Knowing this, you can now take time on Tuesdays to plan, be a goal or take a leap of faith toward your dreams. Tuesdays are a great business and career days. If you can, schedule important meetings and/or negotiations on Tuesday to ensure you have the power of The Universe backing you to seal the deal. With this day being represented by the color red, you'd want to light a red candle and pray over positive outcomes for any meetings or deals that you have upcoming. This day is a day that encompasses both Fire and Water innergies and is represented by Scorpio and Aries. Buy your boss or business partner some red roses and the inner-gy will help to boost your desired outcome. Make sure to wear red on this day and carry a bloodstone or carnelian crystal to amplify their healing properties in your life.

Wednesday is our day of communication. This day is favorable for Geminis and Virgos. If you are in a business or career field that involves speaking, writing, or anything that you need to utilize your memory skill-sets for, then Wednesday will be your most dominant day. If you are a Gemini or Virgo, Wednesday maybe your busiest day. Again, lighting a white candle or a candle that coincides with earth colors will be great for today's candle healing. Wednesdays are great days for cord-cutting work, severing inner-getic ties, breaking old patterns and habits, and releasing relationships that no longer serve you. Take some time on Wednesdays to do some mirror work along with your candle work. Simply choose an age that was traumatic for you, look in the mirror, and talk to that version of yourself. Give that version of you, loving words and confirming and reaffirming love and kindness. Today is a day of being expressive and receptive. This is why I say Wednesdays are great for studying. If you have a paper to write or a lecture to listen to, Wednesday will lend you its beautiful ear to listen to, voice to speak and hands to write. After a day of effective communication, your throat could likely use some herbal healing. Make yourself a nice cup of chai tea with a cinnamon stick or two, as cinnamon is a healing herb associated with Wednesdays.

Thursday is also a day of business and career. However, it delves more into the side of abundance, material and financial wealth, and great fortune and generational wealth. Water and Fire are strong elements on this day. Pisces and Sagittarius fair best on Thursdays as they are the shared rulers of this day. If you want to harness the abundant inner-gy of this day, pray over your white, green, or blue candles and set your intentions for abundance. Feel free to place some lapis lazuli, turquoise, jade, clear quartz, or selenite crystals in your briefcase or around your work desk to help amplify Thursday's inner-gy into your life. Most Sagittarius and Pisces may notice that Thursdays are noticeably easier and more abundant for them than other days. On Thursdays, SECURE THE BAG! I typically try to offer group coaching sessions on Thursdays because I want to ensure that my students receive the most abundant experience. I decree that they will reap the harvest of the inner-gy surrounding Thursdays and the healing that I provide will garner them generational healing and wealth for the generations before, with, and after them,

Friday is probably the happiest day of the week, as everyone, typically, is excited about this day. Friday is ruled by Venus, which is the Goddess of love. Now, you see why Friday is date night for hubby and me?? This inner-gy is all about divine partnerships, teamwork, togetherness, oneness, harmony, new innergy, abundance, love, intimacy.. the list goes on and on... The elements that rule Friday are earth and air and are most favorable for Taurus and Libras. Fridays, grab your pink, white, green, or purple candles, meditate on the aforementioned innergies, drop a few drops of rose, vanilla, ylang-ylang, or orange essential oil in there and light her up! Of course, adorning your temple with colors of love (whatever that means to you) wearing fragrances and garments that invoke the feeling of love, and wearing healing crystals such as; rose quartz, amethyst, diamond, or green aventurine will draw in more of the innergies of this day, No worries, if you decide to now incorporate Fridays as your date night with you and your boo, I won't be upset about it. Go secure that love bag, Beloveds!!!

Saturday is probably one of my favorite days for candle healing. Saturday is the only day that connects all four elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. That means Saturday is an opportune time to do candle healing for protection, family matters, binding, returning to sender, or matters that you need to be more disciplined on, With Capricorn and Aquarius being the rulers of Saturdays, this is likely the most abundant day for them, Today you'd light a black, dark blue or white. Lay your circle of salt on a foundation that is easy to dump the salt without touching (such as a fireproof plate or bowl) Your salt will absorb the negative innergies drawn in by the candle.

Incorporate your prayer or meditation for the intention you desire, sprinkle a little myrrh (away from the candle wick so that the flame does not ignite them), 3 drops of my van oil, and light. Place the candle down in the middle of the salt ring and light it. Once the candle ceases to burn, place on some gloves and throw the salt and candle in a bag, tie it and discard it. Black tourmaline, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, and selenite are great to carry on this day.

Always remember to practice fire safety and do not leave open flames unattended in a hazardous place. Place your candle inside of your bathtub if you would like to leave it burning and not have to watch over it continuously, You may be led spiritually to add more to your candles, trust your Spirit Guides as they lead you. Should you have any questions or would like to delve deeper into how to protect yourself spiritually through candle healing, please book a phone session or request to begin coaching with me to get started.

In Divine Peace, Love and Healing,

Keya Nyame-Aje'

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