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One Way To Manafest on Sundays

Happy SUN-Day beautiful people! I pray this day has found you in a deep state of gratitude, thanksgiving, inner peace, and divine joy!

We are amongst the living, moving in our divine assignment, here to learn soul lessons to elevate us into our greatest being. What a blissing it is to recognize that we are a TRUE embodiment of G.O.D.

Sundays are days of abundance and manafestation. Grab yourself a white candle, speak prayers of abundance, and to be provided with a surplus of all that you need. Place a few drops of my Abundance Oil onto the candle away from the wick. My Abundance Oil has been custom-made for you with the intention of making yourself more attractive to the abundance that you need and seek and drawing it into your life. Then place some of my Van Van Oil onto the candle just as you did the abundance oil. The Van Van Oil stands as protection of your abundance and self. The Abundance Oil calls it in and the Van Van Oil protects you from losing it once you achieve it. Then sprinkle some cinnamon just as you did the oils and then safely light your candle. Place it on your altar or in a sacred place. Give thanks for the abundance that you will receive, while visualizing it coming into your hands, wallet, bank accts, etc.

Today carries strong vibrations that influence wealth, so always capitalize on SUN-DAYS to use the innergy of the SUN to nourish your sector of wealth and help it grow.

Happy Ab(S)undance Day!

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