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The Importance of This Gemini Full Moon

This Full Moon coming up on December 7, 2022, will be jammed packed with tons of power and intense inner-gy. This innergy has the potential to bring in lots of strong, powerful, and creative flow into our lives. There is a special power surrounding this Full Moon because of its positioning, which will be directly opposite the Sun. This will intensify our divine feminine innergy and illuminate the innergies surrounding passion, magnetism, and divine sensuality. One reason I will not be doing a Full Moon Ritual for the collective this month is that, with this Full Moon, I find it best to perform the ritual at the exact time that the moon becomes full, which is at 11:09 PM EST. I know most of my manafestors will not be available to be included in this ceremony as many of them are in other countries and time zones. However, I find it necessary to still educate you on the power of this Full Moon and let you know how it will affect you so that you may harness the innergy in ways that work best for you.

With this Full Moon in Gemini, you will be presented with plenty of options during this period. Gemini rules duality and the twin inner-gy, so expect to have lots of situations in your life where it will EITHER be this OR it will be that. You may feel as if you are in the middle of situations quite often for the remainder of this week. This is why I suggest you not make any decisions this week if you don't have to rush to finalize any deadlines. Allow the innergy to balance back out to a more certain flow next week before saying yes or no to something or someone.

Note that Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which means that this week will be ruled by information. It is likely that you will receive lots of new information. This could land you in situations where you are making divine connections, finding new resources, and could even spark heated debates and conversations, so stay aware and in control of the communicative aspects of your life this week. If any of you have been confused or uncertain, this week could bring you the clarity to something that you have been struggling with.

Let's talk about how the cycles of the moon work exactly...

A practical example of the difference between these monthly periods might be having an idea for an event during the new moon. Then, on a first-quarter moon, you start to plan the event — you order decorations, create a food menu, and make a guest list. At the half moon, you send the invitations to your guest list and start putting up your streamers (or balloons, or whatever your style of decor is). Finally, on the full moon, the party happens and you have a fantastic time. And then…it is over. You use the innergy of the moon cycle to help you to flow through your plans and ideas. This is why I have resorted to only doing New Moon Reiki sessions because on the New Moon I am setting the intention for our desires and I utilize the moon periods after the new moon to amplify the innergy I set on the New Moon, so that you may receive your asking by the Full Moon.

The full moon arrives to conjunct with Mars Retrograde. What does that mean for you? If things seem off lately, it could be because Mars is retrograde and, once again, the universe is asking you to slow down and rework your constant desire to push forward. Mars takes roughly two Earth years to make its way around the sun and therefore goes retrograde every two years, as well. Mars retrograde can feel more like something is imbalanced within us. In fact, many of us could experience outwardly, the inner imbalances. For example, if you have had some slight issues with a tooth but it was not that bad, Mars retrograde could bring that inner pain to the forefront and the pain becomes unbearable. We find ourselves less able to assert our will; with a list of things to do, maybe only half of them get done. Mars is also associated with our anger, our sexual desire, and our instinct to fight. Now, imagine when this innergy is trying to go backward. It can bring up frustration, angry outbursts, and sexual tension. Mars retrograde in Gemini, in particular, may lead to harsh words, reactiveness toward others, a propensity for gossiping, and generally scattered innergy. Fight the urge to not do too many things at once during this time; the planets are not on your side when it comes to multitasking right now.

It may serve you well to keep the focus on yourself during this time — your actions and your responsibilities.

Remember: You can’t control anyone else. Feel your feelings and let yourself be angry or sad, but find an outlet or way to express them with sensitivity and care rather than lashing out.

My suggestions for this Full Moon/Mercury Retrograde:

  • Use movement and breathwork exercises to tap into your deeper levels of innergy.

  • Meditation and more meditation. Close your eyes and focus on filling your mind and heart with deep levels of gratitude. Focus on your heart chakra and see green or pink innergy flowing from your heart and surrounding your entire being.

  • Listen to 210.42hz if you desire to align your innergy with the Full Moon to draw in its power. Listen to 639hz to help balance any negative innergies that you are struggling with at this time. Listen to 432hz if you need calmness to help you center your innergy.

  • Journal or voice record your feelings to release them or find clarity within them. Sometimes reading or listening to what you've said, allows you to gain perspective from a third-party viewpoint because once you are reviewing what you've written or said, you are now receiving the information, vs feeling it and your level of processing is from a different vantage point. Different perspectives will come, and most times, so will the answers.

  • Make a list of all that you feel is going wrong or that is bothering you and then burn it. This is symbolizing to your subconscious that the issues are now released. The subconscious then begins to compute ways to find resolution in its place, because innergy can not be destroyed, it can only be transmuted.

In closing, practice a balanced level of self-awareness, keep your thinking as clear as possible, and strive to be nice to yourself and those around you — and take some time to sit outside or on a windowsill facing the moon if it is as cold for you as it is for me, and honor the beauty that the Full Moon is here to bring us.

If you desire to have more of a guided structure on how to amplify the moon's innergy or you just need someone to help guide you in this season, then click here and let's begin 1:1 Spiritual Wellness Coaching to customize a coaching plan that caters to YOUR spiritual journey!

Until next time,

Peace, Abundance & Spiritual Wellness,

Keya Nyame-Aje'

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