You Are The Light

We are all spiritual BEings having a human experience. As we journey through this experience we tend to forget this. Thus, we tend to forget that our magic is real.. That our ability to mana-fest is somehow this thing that only certain people can do. In this walk of life, we tend to adopt the ideologies and principles of others and we lose our own way. We lose touch with our source and fall out of alignment with ourselves and our purpose. We lack grounding and centeredness and forget that the LIGHT that we are seeking, is and has been inside of us all along.

Though things seems to be in a disarray right now, we are in fact, becoming more awakened or reawakened to the truth of our inner light. We will have to go within to tap into that light in order to make it through. With things being so uncertain, the only certainty is that of our inner power. Delving into the core of our consciousness. Not waiting or relying on anyone or anything to come and save us, but rather following the inner guidance of that spiritual GPS.. That inner LIGHT. That predictability that we thought we once had in this life, has shown us that uncertainty is always a finger snap away. So we are forced to return back home to ourselves and trust our inner guide.. Trust that still voice and learn to make moves for ourselves to insure that we are provided for.

It is important to meditate, pray, connect with your guides and ancestors and keep your spiritual, mental and physical bodies in optimal alignment. Operating within your light, allows you to connect with Divine sources that are greater than this world, that can give you insight and foresight to help you journey through uncertainty with greater ease. To tap into this power, you must always remember that there are no limits in this regard. That you are limitless and that the power is within you. Once you open the door to this truth, you abilities are endless.

Allowing yourself to be open to communing with your Guides, Angels and Ancestors daily, let's them know that you are open and willing to be a vessel for communication and guidance. Allowing them to help you remember your way will lead you into the direction of eternal joy and abundant bliss. You don't have to rest in peace when you transition, you can rest in peace while you're still alive.. Afterall, that is a huge part of the objective.

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