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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “MaNa Holistics”

Helping individuals reach their goals successfully and as smooth as possible, is one of the greatest rewards that we could ever receive at MaNa Holistics!  Here we highlight the amazing people that took a stand and grabbed their lives by the HEALTH! 

I’ve been contemplating changing my eating habits for a while but had no idea where or how to begin. With one on one guidance, meal plans, and a variety of food options, from MaNa Holistics, I’d day I’m thriving.

I have No cravings and most importantly I feel great!  I use to wake up feeling lethargic but now I find myself making it through the entire work day without needing to lay my head on the desk.

What I appreciate the Most about my one on one coaching is when I don’t feel that I’ve done my best that day, Neleh always encourages me to just get back on track instead of beating myself up about it. This is definitely a lifestyle change and she makes it easy and fun!


MaNa Holistics, has been a magnificent influence on my fitness journey..I have always been good in the gym but MaNa Holistics taught me more about health and wellness outside of the gym. She introduced me to proper nutrition and how to best utilize my energy for my fitness goals.. Thanks MaNa Holistics!!!

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